Thursday, November 8, 2018

Currently | ...this is 32

Another trip around the sun has come and gone. I celebrated my birthday and the anniversary of my last currently post at the end of October. Yikes.  Anyways, I got up and worked out, like usual, and when I got out of the shower, B asked me if I felt wiser. I paused to think about it and the reality is, compared to my late 20s, I absolutely do. Compared to week before, eh, not so much. 

Daydreaming About |winning the lotto and building our dream house complete with huge windows overlooking the mountains and perfectly furnished rooms straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog... oh, and being debt free. Yep, definitely debt free.  

It's funny how that winning lotto ticket dream changes as you get older.  It used to be all about traveling the world and living at the beach with an endless wine supply and now it's all about having our dream home on a big lot of land and watching our babies grow up (endless wine supply is still there, don't worry). 

Drinking | as much water as possible. I am really trying to make sure my water consumption far exceeds my coffee/wine consumption. Since I started working out 5 days a week, I have really really tried (sometimes unsuccessfully) to drink more water. This is an ongoing task, it seems. 

Eating | all the french onion soup.  B got us an Instant Pot a few months back and we have definitely gotten our money's worth just from french onion soup and hard boiled eggs.  [Note: it doesn't necessarily save time on the eggs, just steps and effort which is HUGE.] Also, pumpkin ice cream is back and my life is complete. I usually buy a few extra pints and keep them in the deep freezer for the summer when I miss the fall. 

Learning | so much about myself and what is important to me. After going through a very serious bout of depression just a couple years ago, I have done so much soul searching and growth.  I have gotten rid of social media channels that just don't bring me happiness. I have put a new focus on the relationships in my life.  Previously, I had spent years putting time and energy into relationships that feel fairly one sided and not enough energy into the ones that seemed easy and effortlessly there. I saw the quote below a couple weeks ago and it really hit home with me.

I mean, talk about deep.  In theory, we are all constantly changing and growing and we might grow apart instead of together and that. is. ok. It's just a matter of understanding and respecting that instead of trying to force something to be there that just isn't. That has been a really tough lesson for me over the last couple years and something I am still working on.

Listening To | Eric Church. [Some things just don't change.] His new album gives me all the heart eyes. I am especially loving "Heart like a Wheel", "Hippie Radio", "Some of It" and "Drowning Man".  I might as well list the whole album though because it is so dang good. 

Looking Forward To | family pictures with Liz Hough this weekend (and next). We are taking pictures for Natalie's birthday this weekend (HOW will she be FIVE?!) and we are also going to be taking some generational family pictures with B's parents and brother.  Then, next weekend we have our holiday card pictures and I am so excited for what Liz has planned. 

Loving | my SGF team something fierce.  I know people say all the time that they couldn't live without their friends, but I literally do not know what I would do without these women. Life has been so crazy and stressful lately and these women are constantly picking me up and making me laugh and I adore them all so much.

Planning | Natalie's FIFTH Birthday party! (cue the tears) And Thanksgiving dinner :)  Two of my favorite things.

I am also super loosely planning a trip for B and I to go see Eric Church on his Double Down Tour.  It will require us to leave the babies behind and travel (hence super loosely playing with this idea) to either South Carolina or Pittsburgh.  We shall see. 

Reading | the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society.  I read it years ago but now that Netflix has released a movie, I want to reread it before watching it to compare.

Watching | A Million Little Things and I suggest everyone else does too. It covers so many topics, but especially mental health, so beautifully and it is just such a well done show. This clip below really hit me when I watched the premiere and it made me love the actors and writing on the show.  If you don't have 5 minutes, I recommend starting at the 3 minute mark.

Wearing | so much Old Navy.  I wish I could literally buy their entire Mama and Mini line and match with Natalie 24/7. It's that good. 

Wishing | the rest of the year doesn't fly by quite as fast as the last 10.5 months.