Thursday, September 6, 2018

Everett's FIRST Birthday Pictures

It only seems appropriate that on a Thursday, I would throw it way back to Everett's first birthday pictures. I have only had this post drafted for a month and change after all... I would say #secondbabyprobs but Natalie didn't even get first birthday pictures, so there's that.

One of my favorite relationships that has blossomed in the last year (+) is the one that I have formed with Liz from Liz Hough Photography.  She has the most beautiful, creative, talented soul and I feel fortunate that our paths crossed and I get to have this incredible, inspiring woman in my life.  She has a very calm and collected demeanor that makes taking pictures with her a total breeze and she captures my children so effortlessly. I truly cherish every picture she has taken for us.  It's no wonder that when I started thinking about Everett's first birthday back in March, she was one of the first people I contacted. She was the first person to photograph my sweet boy when he was born so it only made sense that we would wrap up his first year with Liz too - and on his birthday at that!

We had planned to meet up with Liz at Catoctin Creek Park at 8:30 in the morning on Everett's birthday but due to some road closures it was closer to 9.  Usually this would have really bothered me, but the birthday boy was taking a car nap so it worked out really well. It was fun to come back to Catoctin Creek for the pictures - it was like coming full circle since we had done his maternity pictures there.

So, enjoy a little picture heavy post for this blazing hot (at least here in MD) Thursday.

And seriously, how sweet are these pictures with big sissy :)  I love this little duo.

Thanks Liz Hough for always making my picture dreams come true!