Friday, July 27, 2018

Our very hungry caterpillar turns ONE

I am still in all of my feels after celebrating our little big guy's first birthday this past weekend and cannot believe almost a week has already gone by.  In total #momblogfail #secondkidprobs fashion, I took all of four or five pictures his whole party. Oops! 

While I may have failed to take pictures, I did not fail on the planning and the crafting!  Just like with Natalie's birthdays, I made the invitation to Everett's birthday party and I was really pleased with the final product!  I loved being able to combine a bunch of my favorite things about invitations on Etsy and Pinterest to create something special for Everett.

Honestly, while I wish I had more pictures of the party itself, I really wish I had taken more pictures of his decorations before the guests arrived. I really love how everything turned out and it was so fun to see my pinterest dreams come to life.  I am a firm believer that details and decorations (give me alllllll the balloons) make a party :)  My favorite details from Everett's Very Hungry Caterpillar bash were his little outfit from Rowan Morrow Designs, his highchair banner and milestone board that I made and the cookie favors from Tart and Craft

Outfit from Rowan Morrow Designs

Cookies from Tart and Craft

The day itself went by in the blink of an eye. I love that even on a rainy, dreary day my home was full of love and laughter from some of my favorite people on the planet and the birthday boy was sufficiently loved on.

so happy this mama was able to come down from NJ to celebrate!

I am so lucky that these little boys get to grow up together!

love this little motley crew so much :)
missing: JJ and Chloe 

I cannot thank everyone enough for the birthday love for our little boy.
Cheers to surviving another trip around the sun!
I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!