Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Baskets 2018

Y'all, I don't mean to toot my own horn but ummm honk honk. I really LOVED how the kiddos Easter baskets turned out this year.  

I have always loved putting together Nat's basket but this year was even more fun.  I loved doing matching his and hers baskets. 

I found the baskets in the $ spot last year and I snagged them since we knew we were having a boy. I also snagged the eggs and fluff on post Easter Target clearance last year (something I will do again this year #sorrynotsorry).

Carter's sent me an email a few weeks back and the picture showed matching dinosaur pajamas. It sparked the idea of putting matching pjs in the kiddos baskets.  This is something I really hope I will be able to keep up!  [Read: Natalie please stop growing so fast so I can actually find matching pajamas.]  Natalie is really into reading and it is something that I hope Everett will love too. I really love the 5 minute bedtime story books so I picked up his and hers versions for the baskets. I got both of the kiddos some little toys, Everett got teethers and sensory toys while Natalie got some additions to her (already too large) My Little Pony collection. And what is an Easter basket without something to munch on?!  Poor Everett got the short end of the stick with Puffs and Teething cookies (and a chocolate bunny for mom - those cute little bunnies are just too festive not to put in there) while big sissy got a chocolate bunny, Sweedish Fish (her current favorite), Skittles, M&Ms and cotton candy. 

Honestly though, the stars of the baskets are really the Cuddle + Kind bunnies: Chloe and Benedict.  

I absolutely adore these heirloom quality dolls.  They are super soft and cuddly and 100% hand knit.  I also really love the mission behind Cuddle + Kind.  For every doll purchased, they will provide 10 meals to a variety of organizations, including Children's Hunger Fund which provides meals to children in the USA. So while the dolls are on the pricier end of things, I absolutely think they are 1000% worth every penny.