Monday, March 26, 2018

Nat's Travel Bag

We have been back from Florida for a few weeks now and I am just finally getting around to sharing this post that I started soon after our trip.  Clearly, I have been in my own little la-la-land.  I keep saying that I am going to get it together and be more than an occasional blogger but then life happens and I slack off big time.  I reeeally am going to try to be better and there is no better time to start than now!

Natalie is a total rock star when it comes to traveling and, especially, plane rides. I actually really enjoy flying with her (even if she has developed motion sickness during the end of a flight). It is just so much more fun than car rides (and not just because she typically throws up in my car). I learn so much about her. She can be flexible and patient. She is a good listener and attentive to her brother. She is a big helper and so polite to everyone. She is a dream to go through TSA check-points with and I'm not even being sarcastic. She truly navigates the airport well, almost confidently, like she has wanderlust.

To prepare for our trips, I like to put together a Natalie travel kit. I typically use a bag she already has or her old diaper bag and fill it with coloring books, crayons, snacks, movies and the portable DVD player.  However, since Nat is a big girl and has her very own ticket, and this is our first time traveling with Everett, I wanted to do something extra special for her. I knew Everett would need a little more attention (and my mama anxiety might be running a tad high) so anything I could do to make Nat feel extra special to level the playing field was ideal.  I found the ultimate princess backpack on clearance at Target for $10.99 [all the praise hands] and filled it with little fun things to help entertain her on the plane.

Much to the happiness of my unicorn obsessed 4 year old, Target $ spot before Valentine's Day was filled with unicorn gems which I scooped up for the trip.  I also found My Little Pony figures for $2.99/each at Wegmans that made a lovely addition to the bag (and she ended up playing with them A LOT while we were in Florida).  Megan, owner of Willow Crowns, posted in her instagram stories these really great headphones her daughter uses when they fly. I shot her a DM and found out she got them at Target. A quick trip to the Motherland found me Shopkins headphones on clearance for $14.99 [add in another praise hands emoji here]. I threw in some colored pencils, crayons and a couple coloring books and we were set.  I was really excited for how the bag came together!

What I did not anticipate was that the little miss would be so obsessed with a recent purchase of the My Little Pony movie soundtrack that the only thing she cared about in the bag was her headphones.

She rocked out the entire flight, down and back, and was the perfect little traveler while on the plane... even if we did experience some motion sickness at the end of both flights.