Monday, March 19, 2018

Everett | Eight Months

Age: 8 months! We are 2/3 through the first year. HOW? It is just insane.

Weight: I haven't weighed him since Florida but I would say he is still pretty close to 22lbs.

Likes: Natalie (she is his absolute favorite person alive), Hudson (his Cuddle + Kind bear), bath time, Puffs

World's Best Big Sister :)

Dislikes: the vacuum, staying still for diaper changes, Hank barking

Milestones & Big Moments: Everett sat up all by himself today! I am so lucky to have Cheryl who text us a picture as soon as it happened so we don't miss out on the milestones. I don't know what I would do without Cheryl!

Picture sent by Cheryl this morning :)

In the last month he celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day, outgrew the infant carseat, started eating more table food [insert all the praise hands here], learned to drink from a straw [new sippy cups arrive this week!], he got FOUR teeth [for a grand total of SIX now] and he took his first plane ride. Holy crap it was apparently an eventful month for the little stinker :)

Looking forward to: Everett's first Easter :)  I have planned out the cutest matching Easter baskets and I know Natalie is going to LOVE it. We are going to go to NJ and I am excited for everyone to see the kiddos. I know B's grandparents really enjoy getting to see the kiddos so visits with them are extra special.  I am also really excited to see my college girlfriends. We all had babies within a 6 month span so it's fun to watch the babies all grow up together.

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