Tuesday, January 9, 2018

#2 favorites 0-6M

Somehow with Natalie, I had time to post all of my favorite things every month. This time around, I'm like oh hey, Rhett is 6 months old and I have liked some things, I should share in case other people are curious or planning for their first baby, next baby, one day baby. The market had changed so much and there is so much new stuff out there and some things that were probably around before but are new to me!

Baby Bum Brush - I totally thought this thing was stupid at first and now? Now, it is in every diaper bag and both diaper caddies.  After Rhett's circ, I used this to put the A&D in his diapers to protect the goods. It kept my hands from getting messy and was super easy to clean up. Thanks to this perfect little piece of silicone: no more diaper cream under my nails, no more diaper cream messes, no more smelly diaper cream on my hands. 

7th Generation Coconut Care Diaper Cream - I am a big believer in coconut oil anyways but this stuff is ahhhhhmazing. It cleans up diaper rash so much faster than other diaper creams have for us. It has zero terrible odor like desitin does. No mineral oil. No parabens. And it's gluten free (I know that matters to some people!).  

Zutano Booties - I love love love these.  They are easy to put on. They stay on. They are warm. They are exactly what I was looking for when it comes to a winter shoe for Everett. It is practical for indoor and outdoor wear. Bonus: the can be sent Amazon Prime. And the Zutano website itself has a lot of sales too.

Oilogic Sleep & Slumber - While I am not really into that whole holistic/alternative medicine approach, I have developed a serious love of essential oils for the kiddos. I am not entirely convinced it is helping Everett sleep better (I am still getting up to give him paci 2-3 times a night), I do find the smell very relaxing while we are having our quiet time before bed at night. And Natalie also really enjoys them. So while I am not sure it helps him, it does make him smell good, so not a total loss.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro - This. Thing. Is. Life. We are oooooobsessed with our baby brezza. I have encouraged other formula feeding mom friends to come to the dark side. In less than 20 seconds, you have a perfectly portioned and perfect temperature bottle. It's not too warm so baby doesn't get accustomed to a warm bottle (i.e. Everett takes a room temp bottle no problemo when we are out). Natalie makes a bunch of his bottles too (and LOVES doing it!) which made the transition super easy because including her has been a breeze. I drank the kool-aid, y'all, and I cannot imagine life without this thing.

I also really love Tommee Tippee bottles this time around. While I was pregnant with Everett, a news story circulated about the company producing a lifetime supply of a discontinued cup for a child with autism since it was his favorite cup and the child refused to drink from anything else (leading to two hospital visits).  A company like that is one that I can definitely get behind so I bought their bottles and have love love loved them.

Project Nursery Sound Machine - This thing is bigger than I thought it would be (full disclosure: I did not look at the measurements), but I love it. It does a really great job of drowning out the dogs, Natalie, outside noises, etc. Everett uses the ocean sound and I actually find it incredibly peaceful too. It has other options (white noise, heart beat, lullabies) but the ocean is the best one, in my opinion. It also has a nightlight which is an added bonus.

Summer Infant Nursery Care Kit - but really just the nail clippers.  These are the best nail clippers, EVER.  I actually couldn't really tell you anything else in the kit but I am sure it's all totally useful stuff :)

Also - I am still on the fence about getting a Dock a Tot. STILL. Thoughts on this? If you have one, PLEASE let me know if this is something worth buying at 6 months!