Monday, December 18, 2017

Santa Train 2017

I have been totally slacking on the blogging but life has been so crazy. I am hoping that as we settle into our new norm, I'll be able to blog more than monthly updates about our sweet boy. In the hopes of starting that trend, I wanted to do a little recap of our weekend adventure :)

Back in August when I was on maternity leave with a little time on my hands, I booked our tickets for Santa Train. Yep, we were booked to see the jolly man when it was 98* outside and I am glad I did. My friend tried to book in early October and most of the trains were sold out. It pays to be crazy. 

Saturday morning after swim class, we grabbed some lunch and then head to Walkersville Southern Railroad to catch the train.  I love the little ride on the train.  It's only about 5 miles (10 round trip) and it lasts about an hour, which is longer than we stood in line at the mall for Natalie's first visit with Santa. While we waited for Santa to get to our train car, we were able to snap some pictures of the kiddos in their matching Isla and Lily hoodies. I am completely obsessed with them, even if I feel like it makes my sweet baby look so grown up!

My whole world in one little square :)

Natalie was so excited to see Santa this year.  She even drew him a picture of the two of them which Santa was thrilled to get :)  I was excited to see what Natalie would tell the big man she wanted this year.  She has the best list (a magic wand, a magic candle, a tutu, a twirly skirt, a cozy sweater, books, her very own Alabama blanket [ROLL TIDE!]).  She ended up only asking Santa for a magic wand and my heart melted. 

And while big sissy was so excited to see Santa and share her list, Everett slept through the entire thing which made for the sweetest picture :)

All in all, it was a really wonderful experience.  Santa Train will forever be my favorite way to go visit the big man. Next year, I think we'll try to stay for cookies and hot cocoa with Santa and the Mrs :)