Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Natalie's 4th Birthday Party

I seriously cannot believe my sweet girl is four. I feel like the last four years have gone by in the blink of an eye. It's crazy how quickly time moves, even more so now with Everett.  Before I get all in my feels (again), I am excited to share a little bit about Nat's birthday party!

Natalie was consistent with her request for a unicorn party and what Mama's girl wants, Mama's girl gets. Actually, that's not true at all. What Mama's girl wants is taken under advisement and is given to her at Mama and Dad's discretion... I digress.  The little girl wanted a unicorn party and I was happy to deliver.

Birthday Girl's shirt is from Purple Possum

I was super thrilled with how the invitations to the party came out :)  While Etsy had a lot of really cute options, I was really pleased with the unicorn options available through Zazzle!  I loved it even more than Purple Possum had a matching shirt to the invites!

Something that I guess I didn't take into consideration when thinking about Natalie's birthday party is the fact that we have Everett. Getting a birthday party ready with a 3.5 month old around is a whole new challenge. While B and Nat went to get the balloons filled, I played a game of what will keep the baby the happiest the longest.  Spoiler alert: nothing. Apparently, nothing will keep him happy for very long at all.  Everett rotated between the baby carrier, the wrap, the bouncey chair, the rock n play and his crib.  He didn't last more than say 15 minutes in any one place. Woof.

Meanwhile, B sent me my favorite picture from party day. Nat's face says it all :)

All Natalie wanted was a pinata, pin the horn on the unicorn and to play outside with her friends.  Easy peasy.  However, she was so busy playing with her friends that we totally did not get around to the pin the horn on the unicorn game. [If any mamas out there need one, please let me know!]

I really love how the simple decorations (literally just a bunch of balloons and some well placed streamers) went a long way and Natalie was so happy with how it looked.  When she got home from picking up the foil balloons - she was in complete awe. She kept looking at the streamers and cupcakes and saying "Mama, is this ALL for me?!"  Melt, my heart.  Good gracious, I hope that sweet girl is always be so dang easy to please.

Unicorn cupcake toppers from Kb Paper Co.

Happy Birthday banner from ShopPaperDash
All in all, I think our big girl had a pretty good birthday.