Wednesday, October 25, 2017

the end of the 4th trimester

Y'all, I am officially 12 14 weeks postpartum (and late on the blogging). It has been the fastest, slowest, haziest, most sleep deprived 14 weeks of my life.  Honestly, I feel like we have finally turned a corner on this whole two kids thing and kind of have our shit together. I could be wrong, but, for now, it feels like we're getting the hang of it.

I am still about eleven pounds from where I want to be (fourteen from my pre-pregnancy) and I am having a really hard time with it.  Cue my concerns regarding slight postpartum depression.  I constantly remind myself that I gained 40lbs while pregnant with Everett and it took nine months to do so. I have only lost five or six pounds in these lovely 14 weeks which is not what I was hoping for but I barely ate anything on maternity leave and really didn't take care of myself so my body just hung onto the weight. I am hoping that since I am back to work, eating 3 meals a day, drinking +/- 48oz of water a day and actually taking better care of myself now that we have a real schedule, I'll lose the rest of the baby weight before my goal of May. I mean eleven pounds in seven months seems doable. It's less than two pounds/month.  As you can probably tell, I give myself this pep talk multiple times a day.  Other than my mental issue with my weight, I feel really great. Some of my pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to fit which helps with the aforementioned issues.  

I am loving being back at work. It is nice to be back with my people and they are pretty thrilled I am back too.  I really am so lucky to work with this amazing group of women.  Jessica, Christine and I all have kids around the same age and Shawn is the veteran mom on the team (and we all take full advantage of her vast knowledge of all things mom). It's nice to work with moms friends who get it. It's nice to be able to bounce things off of each other and feel like maybe I'm doing ok. The things that we are struggling with are normal and I have three moms (each with 2 or more kiddos) who are assuring me of that. I mean, parenting takes a village and I work with the best one.

Shawn, me, Jess and Christine on my first day back at work :)

Everett has been a little dream baby lately. He is a great eater and an even better sleeper.  He is only waking up once a night, if that.  He is very serious and smiles can be hard to come by so when you get one, it's the best. For the most part, he is very easy going. He does get a little screechy during tummy time or if he feels like he isn't getting enough of our attention during that after work rush to get things done around the house and dinner made. Thankfully, Natalie is typically a huge help with that.

Speaking of Natalie, she has been the greatest big sister on the planet. She is so sweet and thoughtful. We always get a great report from Cheryl when we pick the kiddos up. B and I are so proud of the way she has handled this adjustment.  Honestly, I think she has had the easiest time with it. B and I have been really diligent about making sure she gets special time with both of us and that she is rewarded for being helpful. She has been clearing her plate after dinner, putting her clothes in the hamper, helping with her laundry, making Rhett's bottles, throwing out dirty diapers and more. She has really stepped up in a big way and it makes B and me beam with pride.

B, I think, has had the hardest time with the transition to two.  We are definitely creatures of habit in the Wilkinson house and B is the king of them. Everett being on a completely different schedule than Natalie has been tough. Needing to remember a diaper bag and bottles and formula when we have been "ok, let's roll" for so long has been tough. Now that Everett is sleeping through the night and, in huge thanks to Ms. Cheryl, on a more legit schedule, B is finally settling into a rhythm with Rhett. I absolutely love seeing my boys together. I love the way that little boy lights up when he sees his Dad :)

All in all, I think we're doing alright. Everyone is still alive and fed so clearly we're doing something right. Low standards, people, it's how we have gotten through this hazy time. Like I have said a billion times, now that we're getting into a routine, things are getting easier and right in time for the best time of year and much friendlier fall weather. I am really looking forward to the next few months with our little stinkers. Halloween to New Years is so much more fun with kids and I am looking forward to all of these last firsts (and feeling incredibly emotional about it too).