Friday, October 20, 2017

Everett | Three Months

Age: Three months!

Weight: 15 + lbs.  So I know at his 2 month well visit they said 15lbs 9oz but I am a bit skeptical. I weigh myself holding him and then I weigh myself and do the math (by calculator because I am not math savvy) and it just doesn't make sense.  It has been about a month since we have weighed him at home and he was like 14lbs and change so I am assuming he is 15+ lbs at this point.

Likes: big sissy, bath time, car rides, story time, eating, being swaddled, chewing on his hands (particularly his right one)

Dislikes: car rides, tummy time, being woken up by anyone but Natalie, chew teething toys

Milestones & Big Moments: This little stinker is smiling so much lately. He is so serious but when he smiles, it's the best.  He is getting better at tummy time; although, he still hates it and I cannot wait until we are at a point where I am not subjecting the house to his screeching.  B and I think he might roll over soon, but who knows. 

Looking forward to: Halloweenie with my little stinkers :)

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We are finally out of the "fourth trimester" [blog post on that coming soon, maybe, if I get my ish together] and settling into life. The first 11 weeks were rough. B and I were constantly wondering what we were thinking. Now that he is on a schedule (thanks Ms. Cheryl!), life has gotten better and, dare I say, easier.

Everett has been a rockstar sleeper.  I could not be more pleased with the sleep habits he is developing.  We are in the process of transitioning him to the crib. That's a lie.  We are now finally in the process of transitioning him to the pack n play in our room (which I had totally said we were doing last month... oops) and away from being swaddled. (I got an email from The Bump saying that apparently between 3-4 months, babies really should stop being swaddled... umm what?) So this week he is swaddled but in the pack n play. Slowly I will work on him not being swaddled while in the pack n play and eventually, maybe one day, I will move him to his crib. Maybe. I don't know, maybe it's because he is our last, but I am having a hard time with the idea of him sleeping in his room upstairs.

He is doing really well at daycare. Ms. Cheryl is just as obsessed with him as we are which makes it that much easier to leave my babies with her.  Even Natalie seems to be doing better at drop off which is a miracle and every day she gets a glowing report of being the best helper and big sissy around.  Talk about melting my mama heart.  Somehow, Ms. Cheryl has gotten our sweet boy on more of a set schedule which is ahhhhhmazing. He still isn't consistent with his naps, but I am ok with that. He is content sleeping on the go which is so nice.