Thursday, September 7, 2017

road trip | Everett's first trip to NJ

A couple weeks ago, B and I packed up the house and took the kiddos to NJ for a few days to see family and friends.  It has been so chaotic since then that this is my first chance to sit down and blog about it. We packed a whole lot into a few days and it took us even longer to recover from it all.

The ride up there was something out of a bad sitcom. We left at 9:30 in the morning and we did not get there until 5:07pm. It took us more than double the amount of time it should have. We were barely across the PA line when Natalie said she had to throw up. We pulled into an empty parking lot and B quickly got her out of the car. After a few minutes, she told us it was too hot to throw up outside and she didn't need to anymore. Not thirty minutes later, Everett was screaming bloody murder. We stopped for lunch south of Harrisburg. We got back in the car and made it to Cabela's. This is usually the safe place to stop since Nat does, in fact, get car sick and this breaks up the drive fairly evenly. After an hour at Cabela's, we were back in the car. We had barely crossed into NJ when she told us she had to throw up. Again, we stopped. Again, she didn't have to. We started on the road again and again she said she had to throw up. This time we stopped at Starbucks so I could get coffee too. Again, she did not throw up... and then the GPS took us on some roundabout way to get back on the highway. About 30 minutes from the hotel, Nat again said she had to throw up. This time B was not having it. We told her that she had made us stop too many times already with her false alarms. Not five minutes later, the child who cried puke, actually puked. All over my car on the side of 78 right before the exit for 287. During rush hour. And then had the nerve to calmly say to me, "I told you I was going to throwed up." We got her cleaned up and promised her we would be at the hotel soon and we could go to the pool. We FINALLY made it to the hotel... and the pool was closed. Fabulous. Like I said, a bad sitcom.

Tuesday night, B's brother Evan and his girlfriend, Allison, came over to meet the baby and have dinner. My girlfriend, Kerri, also came to visit that night to meet Everett since she was in town too. Somehow, I did not manage to take a single picture that night, other than the IG stories I posted which is especially a bummer since Evan and Kerri are Everett's Godparents.

Wednesday was a big day.  We started our morning at Turtle Back Zoo. We invited B's parents to come with us which was fun since they took B there when he was a kid. There were definitely highs and lows to the trip, but I think, overall, Natalie really enjoyed herself there.

After the zoo, we met up with my college roommate Dee at her community pool. Dee was the hero of the trip. Natalie was SO excited to go to the pool and swim and I was so excited to meet baby Layla!

Wednesday night we went to B's parents house for dinner. Evan's girlfriend, Allison, was there as well which made Natalie really happy. She is pretty obsessed with Allison.  Nat has struggled with sharing attention from B's family but Allison seems to understand that and, bless her heart, gives up her personal space for Natalie. I am not sure Nat could have gotten any closer to Allison during dinner or while they were watching a movie afterwards.

Thursday we went down the shore to visit B's grandparents. It was really great to see them since I hadn't been up for a visit in a little over three years. They live right on the bay and their back patio connects to their dock. We had the most gorgeous weather and Natalie got to try out her new fishing pole. I loved having Grandpa and Grandma meet Everett. It was super sweet to be able to get a picture of four generations of Wilkinson men. I know this was so important to B and I am happy that we could make a nice visit with them happen.

After lunch with Grandpa and Grandma, we head up to north Jersey to visit Danielle and Dee. As I mentioned in a previous post, Danielle was due in early August with her first. We got to see little baby JJ at just shy of a week old.  I loved getting to sit and have a glass of wine with my girlfriends; however, it was at Danielle's that Nat hit her wall of being able to keep her shit in check and so began the poor listening. Thank God for good girlfriends who love your kids even when they are being jerks.  Somehow, this picture that Natalie took is the only picture I have from our visit at Danielle's house but that kind of makes me love it more.

Friday morning we got up early and had plans to grab breakfast at the hotel. I guess B and I had hit our wall too so we simply grabbed coffee at Starbucks and got on the road. The drive home went MUCH better than the drive up and even with an hour and a half stop at Cabela's we made it home in less than 5 hours. It was a long few days but I am definitely glad that we were able to make the trip.