Friday, August 4, 2017

Everett's Birth Story

Everett Grey Wilkinson arrived on July 19, 2017 weighing 8lb 3.5oz and was 20.25 inches tall.  Much like his older sister, I am happy to report that Everett was a super dreamy and easy induction. 

My parents got into town in the afternoon on the 18th and that night my parents came over for dinner so that my dad could drop my mom off with us for the night.  We decided it made more sense for her to stay with us that night for Natalie's sake (and so I could say goodbye in the morning).  B made killer tacos for dinner that were life. After my dad left, B took Tim and Nat outside to play while my mom and I sat and talked about the next few days and about parenting and life while we enjoyed a glass of wine and a huge piece of a cheesecake. It was a really nice, relaxing evening. 

Wednesday morning the alarm went off at 4 and I was surprised that I had gotten as much sleep as I did! I grabbed a quick shower, changed the sheets on our bed and started to pack the car. B and I said our goodbye to a sleeping Natalie and I cried the first 5 minutes of our drive to the hospital. I had no idea how hard that wave of emotion was going to hit. I was leaving my first born and would be coming home with another one. It was overwhelming to think about. I still get weepy thinking about the last goodbye before we left.

We checked into the hospital a little after 5. Registration was quick and easy. Once all of the paperwork was done, they took us up to the 3rd floor labor and delivery wing. The in-take nurses were the absolute sweetest. They got us comfortable and settled and then the shift change happened.

A little after 7, our nurse for the day, Kim, came in to introduce herself. She explained that we would wait for Dr. Masiky to arrive to start the pitocin. By 8, we still hadn't heard from Dr. M so Kim said if we hadn't heard from her by 8:30, we would give her a call. Around 8:45, Kim came back and checked my cervix and we started the pitocin.  Dr. Masiky arrived around 9 and checked in with us. That's when things felt real with Natalie but this time around, it still felt pretty surreal. 

We broke my waters around 9:45. B learned his lesson the first time so he rolled over on the couch to miss the production. However, there really was no missing this. Dr. Masiky broke my water and it was far more fluid than we anticipated. We had thought I was borderline polyhydramnios, but after breaking my water it was determined that I was full blown poly. I will spare the internet the graphic details, but let's just say even my OB said she hadn't seen that much fluid.

Periodically between 9:45 and 11, Kim would come in and ask if I felt my contractions.  Apparently they were registering as very strong but I was still only feeling dull pain. We opted to get the epidural then. I was only 5-6cm dilated at this point, but I wanted to make sure I got it BEFORE I felt like I was dying and was unable to sit still for the anesthesiologist.  Again, the epidural was glorious. This time I could still feel my legs and feet, more on the left than the right, but I had zero complaints. 

B and I napped a bit through the early afternoon. Dr. Masiky came in around 1:30 and suggested we try this peanut ball. I was open to the idea. I rolled onto my side and we put the peanut between my legs. I went from 6cm-10cm in less than 90 minutes. That peanut thing was super comfortable and obviously worked wonders. A little before 3 I started feeling pressure. We were watching Law and Order (SVU, of course) and while I had seen the episode before, I couldn't remember the ending. Funny now I can't even remember what episode it was.  At about 5 of 3 I told B that while I wanted to see the end of the show before we started pushing, I was definitely feeling pressure. The show ended and we tried (and failed) to find something else for background noise before B turned the tv off and went into the hall to flag down Dr. Masiky.

A little after 3pm we started to push. B was on my left side of the bed, kneeling beside me, holding my hand. Bless his heart for adhering to my wishes of him not watching our deliveries. After a few minutes, Dr. Masiky told me that his head was about half way out and asked if I wanted to touch it. I burst out laughing which pushed Everett a little more. At 3:18pm, after less than 20 minutes of pushing, our sweet little boy entered the world. After being cleaned up a bit, Kim placed Everett on my chest for a few minutes of skin to skin snuggling - something I hadn't done with Natalie. B cut the cord and they took his stats. It all happened so fast that there really wasn't much time to process everything which felt familiar. 

The night Natalie was born, people were anxious to meet her and we had visitors to our room. With Everett, we opted to just have it be the three of us and I am so happy with that decision. It gave us time to process things and for the drugs to wear off :)  The first person (outside of hospital staff) to meet Everett was his big sister and I could not be happier about that. It was super emotional for me to have my mom and dad at the hospital this time around. It was made even more special (and emotional) by the fact that Everett and my dad share the same birthday. 

Now we're home and getting settled and, while it has been a big transition, it has also been much easier this time around. That naive confidence is totally there and I am going to ride it out as long as possible!

We are so thankful for all of the love and well wishes we have gotten over the last couple weeks. We are overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. 
Thank you all so much for loving on this little family of mine! xo