Monday, July 3, 2017

Maternity Pictures | M&M Photography

There has yet to be a milestone for my child(ren) that does not involve M&M photography and I was not about to let Monique off the hook when it came to documenting this pregnancy.  We always love working with Mo because of her easy going and flexible nature.  Plus, she always captures that truest essence of my wild little girl.

Since Monique is a family friend, we opted to go with a less structured shoot.  I didn't stress myself out over coordinating outfits. Luckily, it just happened very organically.  I didn't stress about poses that I just had to have.  I have a pinterest board of them, of course, but nothing I just HAD to have.  I went with a very open mind this time which was different for me and poor Mo wasn't sure what to make of it at first.  She has known me for a long time and she knows what a control freak I can be.  I mean, I knew I wanted pictures of me (duh) but it was just as important to me to get some pictures of B and Natalie together too. I wanted to make sure I had pictures of Natalie during these last few weeks of just her. I need to remember my girl at this age, in these moments, as sassy and wild and carefree as she is.

We met on a Saturday morning at Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard and while the weather was overcast and cloudy, the views were still breathtaking.  The general manager, Barbry, was really nice and incredibly accommodating.  We had pretty much open access to the vineyard and were able to get some really incredible pictures.  The owner of the farm and vineyard, Art Sagoskin, was sweet as can be and gave Natalie a tour of the barn. She loved meeting the horses, especially Princess.  (She has yet to stop talking about Princess.) If you are ever in Frederick County, Maryland I strongly encourage you to check this place out. 

As always, if you live in the MD/DC/NoVa area, Monique is the best for family pictures :) She is a breeze to work with (even my picture taking hating husband enjoys taking pictures with Mo!), incredibly easy going and really captures the spirit of children. I could not be more pleased with how these pictures turned out!