Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Big Sister Hospital Gift

Y'all, I have had so much fun putting together Natalie's big sister bag for the hospital. It has been so much fun working with different small shops to get personalized items and really make this a special treat for her! I figured I'd share what I am putting in her bag, as well as the little shops where things came from!

1. Big Sister Bag from Sixpence Press. I searched a lot of pages on Etsy before coming across this gem. I love the size of the tote (20 x 15 x 5) and that it is a zip closure. The floral wreath is precious and super girly which is perfect for Natalie! Bonus: the turnaround was quick! I ordered it on a Friday and by Saturday it was being shipped. 

2. Custom water bottle from Sweet Sipsters. Working with Hannah was a breeze. From the time I messaged her to the time I got my first proof was approximately 20 minutes. She happily worked with me to design exactly what I was looking for and, in the end, she created the perfect big sister water bottle for my princess Aurora loving girl! 

3. Chalkboard Mat and Crayon holder from Tammys Sewing. I decided something to keep our little friend entertained at the hospital might be advantageous. I loved the Trolls and My Little Pony prints since those are two of Natalie's favorites! This will be something that we can take on long car rides, to restaurants, on plane rides, etc. Totally practical and functional which any mama can appreciate.

4. Little Miss, Big Sis book. While she has a few big sister books already, another one for the hospital didn't seem like a bad idea :) I have visions of us reading this together while sitting on my hospital bed holding baby brother.

5. Pretend Make-up from Amazon. My sweet girly girl loves her make-up so it only made sense to include some pretend make-up in her bag.  I also threw in some chapstick (one of her obsessions), real sparkly lip gloss (something I am sure to regret) and new nail polish (like she doesn't have enough already). 

6. Big sister camera and photo album from Personalized Gifts 4 U.  My friend Nydra did this for her daughter Noelle and it was a hit. Natalie loves taking pictures and while I know we'll end up with more questionable pictures than good, I know she will be so excited to get to take pictures of her first encounter with her baby brother :) I loved the little photo album that comes with it so she has a special place to store her pictures.

I also plan to include some snacks, stickers (another decision I am likely to regret), a coloring book and some kind of little Melissa & Doug jewelry kit or My Little Pony figure.  I am in hopes that some little things to keep her entertained at the hospital might not be a bad idea!