Friday, July 28, 2017

baby #2 | 40 weeks

For obvious reasons we did not have a 39 week post last week but I figured I would round out the pregnancy posts with this last one!

How Far Along: 40 weeks! ...or you know, 1 week and 2 days new :)

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a jackfruit baby. I guess at this point fruit analogies are kind of moot since he is here! All 8lb 3.5oz of him :)

Pregnancy/Sleep/Labor Signs:  Pregnancy is officially over.  It is so crazy how fast this one went by and I will forever cherish the baby carrying season of my life; however, I am happy that this will be the last one.  I will be doing a full post about Everett's delivery day soon!

Bump/Belly Button/Weight Gain: So this is fairly moot. I still have a "bump" of sorts and, thankfully, my belly button is on its way back to normal. 

I am excited to say that I remembered to ask them to weigh me :) BUT, get this, there was no scale on the L&D/recovery floor.  Seriously?! I went to Target to return something 5 days post baby and found a scale there.  I was on a mission.  After delivering the baby, the amniotic fluid and my placenta, I am already down 20 pounds. Holy crap. Talk about an ego boost.  This does not change my plans to give myself 40 weeks to get the weight off, but 20 pounds in 40 weeks is totally doable!

Cravings/Aversions: I am happy to report that I can resume carbs and wine. B made me a mimosa while we waited to be discharged from the hospital last Friday morning and it was everything, not to mention totally adorable. 

Big Sister: Big sister is officially a big sister :)  if you follow me on instagram, you've already seen some of the #wilkinsonsib sweetness. I cannot get enough of them together.

Miss Anything: Being pregnant.... juuuust kidding :)

Best Moment: Oh you know, delivering Everett and being done is pretty dang fabulous.

Can't Wait For: I am excited to settle into our new normal and to soak in those tiny newborn snuggles. Four days left of summer school and then we have three weeks as a family of four before the school year starts again for B.