Saturday, July 8, 2017

baby #2 | 37 weeks

How Far Along37 weeks! Full term! :) 

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a winter melon baby.  

Pregnancy/Sleep/Labor Signs: The car seats are officially installed so that has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. Honestly, we are ready for Everett to arrive at any time. 

I am still sleeping really well. I am beyond lucky. I mean, it's not as great as my pre-pregnancy sleep, but for 37 weeks pregnant, I will absolutely take it. I have started getting really bad cramps in my feet and legs at night but I am working on that.  I am feeling so grateful that I am not waking up with numb hands like I was at this point in my pregnancy with Natalie.  Honestly, I feel really really great physically but mentally I am starting to hit a wall. This happened with Natalie too, but with her pregnancy it was because she was so active and aggressive and I remember telling Brandon at about this point that I needed him to take her off of me so I could have 5 minutes alone. With Everett, I feel like at every appointment I have been given tough news or something doesn't seem right or there is another complication and I just don't know how much more of that I can handle. It feels like I have had more scans this trimester than I did my entire pregnancy with Natalie and it is making me incredibly paranoid and anxious. 

Shawn has decided that he has dropped. When she and I worked on the 4th, I stood up to leave and she was like "oh shit, you've dropped".  I'm ok with that!  I am feeling more pelvic pressure but nothing that makes me think labor is imminent. Last week we were between .5cm to 1cm dilated. This week we're closer to 2cm dilated. 

Bump/Weight Gain: We are bumping along here. I am all baby and am loving this bump.

I am up 37 pounds but I don't feel like I am up 37 pounds so I will take it. According to my ultrasound, Everett is weighing in at around 7 lbs 12oz so between baby + placenta + amniotic fluid, by time I deliver, I will basically be back to my pre-pregnancy weight with Natalie. Not too shabby :)  Fun fact: I had a scan at 39w 2d with Natalie and I was told she was measuring 7lb 14oz... this scan for Everett was two weeks earlier. Yikes!) On Wednesday, I had a former midwife I work with, who was damn near spot on with Natalie's birth weight (literally off by 3 ounces), give me an estimate of how big she thinks Everett is and Mickey said 8-8.5 lbs already. We shall see :)

Cravings/Aversions: Watermelon and grapes. Natalie and I went through one of those Costco 4lb containers of grapes in about 2.5 days. Let's just say that I have felt much lighter this week because of it and I'm not even mad. 

Big Sister: Nat is still rocking her random summer cold. This has made for a super tough 4-5 days. The transition of her back to her own bed and out of ours has been rough and is reeeeeally not going well. She literally thinks that she should be in our bed and one of us should be in hers. Girlfriend is crazy.  Nat has been back at daycare after about a week off and that was brutal for B at drop off on Wednesday but by time I picked her up she was totally fine. Next week she will have a full week with Ms. Cheryl which will be good. We have also hit a wall with getting dressed. Nat is refusing to wear anything but dresses and skirts (not skorts, skirts). Thank God Old Navy is having a disgusting sale right now so we were able to snag some more dresses. The last thing we need is a clothing battle while we adjust to life with a newborn. 

Best Moment: I always love getting to check in on baby brother :) While I don't always get the best news, it is nice to see that he is ok, stubborn but ok.  B and I also got to sneak in a lunch date after my appointment which was the best :) We went to Sardis which is where we went for lunch after our embryo transfer. Last solo date before we found out we were pregnant and last solo date before he comes, so fitting :)

I am also really happy to say that his room is finally complete! I will be sharing pictures of it next week :)

Can't Wait For: A little day date with my girl.  We had planned mani/pedis this weekend but I have decided it might be best to wait another week so that my nails still look fresh at delivery. #sorrynotsorry