Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shopping Small for Baby Boy

It is no secret that I love shopping small and have been shopping small for baby brother. I have been sharing all of my finds on my Instagram stories but figured I would share the first of his small shop collection here :)

1. Fox teether from Minted Lane.  This was baby brother's first small shop purchase that I made specifically for him and I am so in love! The wood is so soft and smooth, making it almost delicate while being incredibly sturdy. Perfect for little hands :)

Minted Lane has quickly become my go-to for baby shower gifts. The shipping turnaround is amazing and her selection of teethers is the absolute sweetest.

2. Moccasins from Sweet n Swag.  So this was technically my first baby purchase; however, I bought them before we knew gender as a way to announce our pregnancy. I love love loved their moccs for Natalie and cannot wait for baby boy to have his own collections of moccs and moxfords. 

3. Personalized blanket from Audrey's Bear. This was the first purchase I made that really made me feel like this was happening. Seeing Everett's name on the proof was surreal. 

4. Mama's Boy shirt from Bear and Little Bird Co. I spotted this on instagram and I had to have it. While I don't necessarily want a mama's boy in 20 years, I will absolutely take one now :)

5. Custom artwork from B Monte Designs. B gave me a vague idea of what he wanted to see in a little boy's room: "you know, my touch". Uh huh... so with very little to go on, I came up with the idea of custom drawings of B's truck, his dad's old truck and his brother's older truck (which once belonged to B's grandfather). 

I love love love how these came out. I have my eye on another watercolor of Barbara's that I am tempted to get for the nursery but we shall see :)

I have love, love, loved shopping small for Everett and supporting those mama makers. Please send any small shop recs my way because I am always looking for more!