Monday, June 26, 2017

Maternity Pictures | Liz Hough Photo

I first reached out to Liz from Liz Hough Photography when I was just barely pregnant. I wanted to price her out because I was in love with her work. Liz has worked with so many of my co-workers so she came really highly recommended and I can see why! She is flexible and understanding and as a mom of almost 5 month old twins and a three year old, she just gets it. 

When I did Natalie's maternity pictures, I didn't plan outfits with as much thought. This time around, it was so much more fun. I narrowed down the dresses I liked from Pink Blush and I had my co-worker (and fashion guru), Shawn, make the final decision.  Old Navy had the cutest tutu dresses on sale so I snagged three in different colors so that once my dress came in, Shawn could tell me which one would be best for Natalie to wear. Once we settled on a pink dress for Natalie, I opted to let her wear her pink princess heels. It was important to me that these maternity pictures not just celebrate my pregnancy, but truly reflect this moment in our lives and at this moment, princess heels are all the rage. 

We met up with Liz for maternity pictures one evening during the middle of the week at a local park. She had asked if I had a time preference and I said I really loved her work during the golden hour. Rain was in the forecast so I was a little anxious but we lucked out and had really great, although a smidge humid, weather for pictures.  The golden hour is such a beautiful, peaceful, serene time of day and I feel like it is truly reflected in our pictures.

Natalie was a total ham bone during pictures.  She listened so well and really took to Ms. Liz. My heart melted so many times but especially when Liz was taking my picture and Natalie from the background said "You're doing such a great job, Mommy!" I love how encouraging and sweet that little girl can be. Clearly B and I are doing something right :)

I cannot put into words how happy I am with the results of our maternity pictures.