Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hospital Bags 2.0

In typical Tori fashion, I have the hospital bag(s) packed and they look very different this time around. I brought so. much. crap. with me to the hospital the first time around. This time, B and I are bringing one bag between the two of us, plus we are bringing a second little bag to bring home goodies (i.e. the extra formula and diapers the sweet nurses hook you up with). Less is more, my friends, less is more.

1. Snacks. Obviously this is the most important thing, ever. I made a snack mix when I had Natalie and it was perfection. I plan to do that again. I also plan to bring some Belvita crackers because I love those things. I wasn't loving the hospital food so it was nice to have some snacks of my own, especially at 2 in the morning.

2. MAMA tumbler from the Blue Envelope.  This thing keeps cold water super cold. I need my water cold to drink and I need a straw. While this is totally not a necessary item as the hospital will have cups, it is necessary for me because I am obsessed with my MAMA tumbler.

3. Shower shoes, over sized towel, travel sized toiletries. Old Navy $2 flops are perfect hospital shower shoes and are an absolute necessity for the hospital. While the hospital provides towels, they are not fluffy and they are not big. For $6 I snagged a huge, soft, snuggly, black towel from Target. If it gets ruined, it gets ruined but I want comfort for those first showers after delivery. Target also had travel pack toiletries for $5 so I snagged a pack for me and one for B. All the comforts of home and none of the stress about leaving something behind!

4. Hand lotion and chapstick. Hospitals are dry, like seriously dry. I remember feeling like I went through an entire tube of chapstick in my 3 days at the hospital with Natalie. So chapstick and a little travel lotion are must haves for me.

5. Phone charger. I don't really need to explain this one, do I?

6. 32 Degree Cool Bralette and Cami. We found out about 32 Degree Cool when Costco was selling 2 packs of the men's tshirts and I absolutely fell in love. The material is SUPER soft and cozy and the bralette and cami designs did not disappoint. The bralette is perfect for the hospital bags of all the non-breastfeeding mamas out there who don't want to buy nurses bras but need the comfort of one :)

7. Mom uniform shirts. I love these shirts/tanks from Declan and Crew and Emerson Grace Boutique. I wanted something #momlife appropriate and cute. Also, I thought the "Motherhood" shirt was too perfect for the kiddos meeting for the first time :)

8. Old Navy compression maternity leggings. Leggings, duh. Compression, duh. Comfortable, duh. Need I say more?

Not pictured: a towel for B, a toiletry kit for him, a pair of jeans, new Carhartt pocket tees (his favorite), clean unmentionables (for both of us) and pads (so glamorous). 

We also put together thank you baskets for the L&D and postpartum nurses.

I really love how these came together!  With Natalie, we made a dozen little goodie bags and left a half with the L&D nurses and half with postpartum nurses. This time, I wanted to do something a little easier and less labor intensive but with the same idea in mind. We included chapstick, bottled water with little Crystal Lite packets, snacks and gum.