Monday, June 26, 2017

baby #2 | 35 weeks

How Far Along35 weeks, 4 days! A lot late this week but for good reason! 

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a coconut! YUM.

Can someone have one of these ready for me after delivery? Thanks :)

Although... given my appointment on Thursday, I can say with certainty that would be one very large coconut.

Pregnancy/Sleep/Labor Signs: Everett is clearly a big boy. He is all up in my ribs and starting to cause quite a bit of pain.  We'll find out this week just how big he is measuring and I cannot wait :)

I am still sleeping pretty well given that I am so. freaking. close. to the end, I am fairly surprised and over the moon thrilled about. I am getting leg cramps at night which is tough. I try to drink gatorade before bed but I try not to drink too much because of that whole getting up to pee thing. It's a balancing act. 

No labor signs just yet which I am totally ok with. I had my first cervix check last Friday with Dr. Masiky. We are 1/2 cm dilated which is the same as with Natalie. I'll go back next week for another check and for a BPP to check fluid, size and his breathing. 

Bump/Belly Button/Weight Gain: I could not be more in love with this bump. My belly button is flat-ish. For the most part it is flat but sometimes it's a nub. Natalie thinks it's weird and I love it. I have not gained any weight in the last week so I am still up only 35lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. It looks like I will probably gain about the same amount of weight with both pregnancies, but I will still be 24lbs less than my delivery weight with Natalie which feels just crazy to me.

Cravings/Aversions: Craving nothing. Aversions: everything. I have had a rough case of food poisoning since the weekend so food is making me super leery. 

Big Sister: She has been hamming it up all week. I could not be more proud of her. I loved that my parents got to spend some time with her and see what a sweet, sassy little girl she is. She spent the weekend in NJ visiting B's family and she is just obsessed with Unkie's girlfriend, Allison. It is the sweetest. 

Miss Anything: My parents. We had such a great visit with them and I wish that we had gotten more time. I know I'll see them in about a month but it's tough. 

Best Moment: This week has been full of them! Last Wednesday, we got to spend some time with my parents and take Nat to the splash pad and pool where my parents were staying. That little girl had the time of her life. She is so carefree and happy and I wish I could bottle it up and sell it because we'd be rich. 

my mama and me :)

On Thursday, B and Nat came with me to my OB scan which was nice.  It was an anxiety filled scan so I was happy to have B's hand to hold.  And then, after my appointment my coworkers threw the sweetest little sprinkle for Everett :) He is one very loved and lucky little boy and I am one very blessed mama to have such amazing co-workers.

Thursday evening, my family came over and we continued the celebrations. We celebrated my parents visiting and Everett (by virtue of leftover sprinkle cake) and just being together which was nice. We picked crabs, some lucky people drank beers and we laughed and listed to Buffett. Hello summer, indeed!

Over the weekend, in between bouts of dying, I did baby brother's laundry and worked on thank you notes. I have some final little things to snag for his room and then I will post pictures! I packed hospital bags and put together gifts for the hospital nurses. And then on Sunday afternoon, I got to celebrate the pending arrival of my friend Emily's little girl, Harper :)

Can't Wait For: I cannot wait for Everett's room to be done. I know he won't be sleeping in there anytime soon, but it's nice for me to have his space complete. I am also excited for my weekly appointment with Dr. Masiky since we'll get to peak in on baby brother :)