Thursday, June 1, 2017

baby #2 | 32 weeks!

How Far Along32 weeks! It's crazy how quickly these last weeks are going by... although, I am sure come 35 weeks I won't be feeling that way!

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a squash a bucket of popcorn. YUM.

Pregnancy/Sleep/Labor Signs: I have done such a lovely job steering clear of swelling. I am really making a more conscious effort to drink more water. I am keeping my feet elevated at work as much as possible and that has made a drastic difference too. My rings are on and feel good and that's another new thing for me.

Sleep is still good. This is unheard of. I feel rested and good. I am starting to feel tired in the afternoon but I feel like that is normal. 

No labor signs yet. I will have my first cervix check in 3 weeks. That is crazy. This pregnancy is just flying by. I have a feeling the whole month of June is going to fly by!

Bump/Belly Button/Weight Gain: You guys, we laughed so hard at work today because I am up 36 pounds. Granted, I weighed myself after a big lunch, but still. It is just so ridiculous. I used to give my friend Jess grief because she gained 38 pounds with her son and delivered at 33 weeks 3 days. Welp, I am on track to have gained just as much weight by that point haha

The bump is finally really out there and I am definitely looking every bit of 32 weeks pregnant. However, I am still so in love with this bump. My thighs are not my best feature at this point but such is life. They will get back to normal one day. I feel much different about my body this time around and I'm sure it's because (a) I won't ever be doing this to my body again and (b) I have done this before and I got back down to not just my pre-pregnancy weight but to a much happier place for me. 

Cravings/Aversions: Smoothies. The craving is back is a very real way. I would easily give up coffee for smoothies - not that I drink a lot of coffee anyways... at least, for now anyways. I feel so energized and good after a smoothie in the morning.

Big Sister: Oh my little Natalie. This has been a tough week. I think the lack of sunshine was getting to all of us and we were going a little stir crazy.  

On Sunday we were supposed to go to the National's game. It was a 1:35 game so we figured if we left by 11:45, we'd be there by 1 and have time to get situated prior to the game. After 2 hours in the car, thanks to torrential downpours and traffic detours, we were still 30-45 minutes out from the stadium. B looked up the game and it was on rain delay. There was no way that little girl was going to be in the car another hour then wait out a rainstorm for a baseball game. We opted to head home instead. Nat was bummed and kept asking when we were going to go see the baseball game. We didn't make it home until almost 5:30. Somehow the only meltdown of the day, from Natalie anyways, came about 10 minutes from the house. Bless her little heart.

On Wednesday Cheryl was closed because her middle daughter was graduating from high school so I was home with Natalie. It was definitely something we both needed. We snuggled in bed in the morning then ran errands. And then, for the first time in MONTHS, she snuggled in my lap and took a two hour nap. I was not going to complain. Bonus - I got caught up on the Bachelorette. We spent the afternoon outside playing in the sunshine, blowing bubbles and looking for robins eggs.

Miss Anything: Nothing that I can think of!

Best Moment: My day off with my big girl was so needed. It was good to recharge my batteries and to reconnect with her since she and I had been bumping heads quite a bit. I think the rain was getting to us both and having some time with her in the sunshine made us both feel a bit more like ourselves.

Can't Wait For: We have another check-in early next week for baby brother. I am excited to see how big he is measuring and if he is still breach! Then next weekend we get to see some of my favorite people on the planet and celebrate the pending arrival of baby JJ!