Thursday, May 25, 2017

baby #2 | 31 weeks

How Far Along31 weeks! 

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a pineapple! YUM! 

Pregnancy/Sleep/Labor Signs: Y'all 31 weeks and I am still sleeping well and feeling insanely good. This is nothing like my pregnancy with Natalie. It's so crazy how different these kiddos are already! I am still wearing my rings and they feel good - not tight at all! I am hoping that not only does it stay this way through the rest of my pregnancy, but especially that I'll be able to wear them for our maternity pictures in like 3 weeks! I am also hoping I can keep the swelling away since I haven't had any of that either! I have been diligent about keeping my feet up and staying hydrated. 

I saw Dr. Masiky this week and she said we are moving into the every 2 week appointments and it just doesn't seem possible that we're already to that point! This has gone by in the blink of an eye.  She also left me with the warning that if I have any signs of labor to not dilly dally to the hospital since Natalie was a mere 28 minutes of pushing. I was like umm labor signs? I'm trying not to think of those for another 6 weeks or so!

B and I had a long talk this week about planning for the baby and Natalie and it is making things feel more and more real, like holy shit real. We also made the command decision that, if we're being induced on July 20th (provided my cervix is favorable), then July 14th will be my last day at work. That will allow us (read: me - hello mom guilt) to spend some quality time with Natalie and make sure we soak up every moment possible with her before we rock her little world with the addition of Everett. It feels surreal to have an end date for work. It also really helps me (and my team!) prepare mentally and I feel like it allows me to give my patients better information too.

Bump/Weight Gain: This bump has been so different. I love it so much more and am enjoying it so much more than I did Natalie's bump. I had a moment this week where, for the first time in my life, the number on the scale did not impact the way I felt about my body. I don't enjoy that number (I mean, I am up 32lbs since my FET cycle baseline appointment), but I was able to accept the number because of how good I feel in my skin. It was so incredibly liberating. 

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing new this week :)

Big Sister: Oy, she is the sweetest, funniest, drive me craziest little girl ever. She is honestly a sour patch kid. She drives me crazy and then she says or does something so sweet that I forget that I was ready to sell her a minute earlier. 

Earlier this week, I was getting her out of the bath and trying to get her into pajamas and her hair brushed and she was just not listening. B came down the hall to try to help and Nat said "no boys allowed in the bathroom, only girls" and I told her that Daddy could come into the bathroom while we brushed her hair if he wanted to. She turned to him with this shitty little girl and said "oh ok, get in here big guy." Where does she get this stuff?!

Miss Anything: Still my sanity. I am feeling the need to nest more and more.

Best Moment: I got a text from Kelly of Cumulus 9 Boutique that she had finished the brother/sister set for Everett's newborn session. I'll be sharing more about her shop in the coming weeks but I am obsessed with her stuff. I had been so bummed about not having little girls to match, but this brother/sister set gives me a glimpse of my future and I am beyond excited for all the matching sets we'll be snagging from Cumulus 9 in the future!

Can't Wait For: I am so excited for this fun filled weekend... you know, provided the weather clears up!  We will be celebrating Nat's daycare bestie on Saturday and then Unkie is coming down and we are taking Nat to her first baseball game on Sunday :)