Thursday, May 18, 2017

baby #2 | 30 weeks

How Far Along30 weeks! And y'all we are in the single digit countdown until delivery (provided everything looks favorable). Holy crap. NINE(ish) weeks to go.

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a cucumber... or a tub of ice cream :)

Symptoms/Sleep/Labor Signs: Now that we have finally transitioned Natalie out of our bed (and into the daybed in the family room... baby steps, people, baby steps), I have actually been sleeping even better. I am sleeping mostly on my side/stomach. Obviously more on the side than my stomach and it is beyond comfortable.  If I sleep just on my side than my hips start to hurt after a little bit so I try to avoid that. I also try to avoid sleeping on my back too much because I heard that's bad for you.  Oh the joys of being almost 8 months pregnant. 

Bump/Belly Button/Weight Gain: For this far along and as much weight as I have gained (32lbs - insert monkey covering eyes emoji here), I feel small and I feel really good. My belly button is almost officially completely flat and it totally weirds Natalie out which I love. I am really loving this bump and feel really good. I have decided that quite a bit of the weight is in my thighs and have been looking for some things I can do to help that now and post pregnancy to just feel better mentally about the weight gain. 

Cravings/Aversions: Cold. I have been craving cold drinks, smoothies, ice cream. I am sure this will only be amplified by the hot weather coming this summer.

Big Sister: This week has been so much better. Ever since we have gotten her out of our bed, drop off at daycare has been getting better. She was being a super picky eater and not eating much for Cheryl or for us, but dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday we felt like we were starting to turn a corner and she ate quite a bit. Cheryl said this is totally normal. She said that Natalie is probably trying to maintain some control with all of the big changes coming and the things a three year old can control are food and the bathroom. Thank goodness we have not [knock on wood] regressed with potty training!

In other news, I would be a big ole liar if I said I didn't love that she is a total mama's girl, but I do worry about how much harder that is going to make the baby brother transition. 

I have some fun things planned for Nat and me, both before delivery and after, to help assure her that she is my #1 girl. I have a couple mani/pedi dates planned. If everything goes according to plan and baby brother stays put until his possible induction date of July 20th, then I plan to take off work the day before to spend the day with Nat, just us girls. I think it is just as much for me as it is for her.

Miss Anything: Oh you know, my sanity. I am starting to feel anxious about how quickly delivery is approaching. I was texting B about it on Monday and it was almost immediately after I sent it to him, that my girlfriend Danielle text me the same thought about her pregnancy. I am starting to make mental checklists of the things that need to get done in the next 9 weeks like installing the car seat (if you know me, you know this is happening at like 34 weeks because I have had too many friends with super early deliveries), packing hospital bags (which will probably be done at like 36 weeks and by the door haha), maternity pictures in June, finishing up baby brother's room and buying the miscellaneous odds and ends from our registry. 

Best Moment: The artwork for baby brother's room came in this week! I cannot wait to find the perfect frames and get those bad boys hung up on the wall :) ...which means I can cross that off of that list up there because that should be the last little detail of baby brother's room!

Can't Wait For: I am so excited for a quiet weekend at home this weekend. I am in full blown nesting mode so quiet weekends at home are nice.  I am even more excited for Memorial Day weekend! Nat will be celebrating the birthday of her daycare bestie which will be so fun, I love seeing those two together.  We may hit up the pool where I will absolutely rock this bump in a bikini (something I never would have done with Natalie). Also, we are taking Nat to her first baseball game thanks to Dr. O. We have great seats and Nat is so excited because B's brother is coming down for the game and she is excited to see Unkie. I love their bond :) May went by in the blink of an eye but I am so excited for how the month is rounding out!