Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Five

This week has felt like 3 weeks shoved into one. Usually when Dr. O is out of the office we call it our "staycation" since we don't have the daily run around of seeing patients and prepping and entering charts but this week was not a normal staycation. It was brutal. I blame the full moon. BUT it's FRIYAY! And the weather is supposed to be perfect this weekend. And we have nothing planned. And, lucky you, I have a post that isn't about pregnancy :)

1. I have pretty exciting news!  Today I am being interviewed about my infertility experience for a book.  One of my absolute favorite things to do is talk about my babies and my journey to get to parenthood. I really am an open book about our infertility struggle and our treatment process. I find that if my journey and my honesty helps even one person, then I have made a difference and isn't that all any of us want? To make a difference?

2. It is supposed to be in the high 70s, low 80s this weekend. Do you know how many of Nat's outfits from last summer still fit? Goose egg.  I ran to the motherland on my lunch break yesterday and I have to tell you, Cat and Jack for Target speaks my love language. Not only is it super cute but it is also reasonably priced AND they have skorts [insert all the praise hands emojis here]. Although, it seems like skorts are HUGE this season which is Natalie HATES shorts and she is hardly classified as ladylike these days so skorts are the greatest thing ever for us. 

Seriously, how cute is this stuff?! I also snagged a pair of $5 bike shorts in hopes that she will compromise and wear them under her dresses. Cross your fingers, y'all. 

2a. While on the topic of tiny human clothes, have you all been bombarded with the emails from Children's Place about their crazy sale? 60% off the entire store + DOUBLE My Place Rewards. Needless to say, I snagged some gems for Nat.

I LOVE how everything mixes and matches to make my life easier and her wardrobe far more functional! Plus, those are skorts. Love, love, love. 

3. My friend Jessica's husband, Nick, is part of a weekly podcast called Married Not Dead which also has a blog associated with it. The blog had a post this week entitled I love you, too which really made me think about B this week. I mean, seriously, how often do we just give a quick kiss and "I love you" as we walk out the door, simply out of habit? How often do we really say a thoughtful "I love you"? This is my favorite excerpt out of the post:
Here’s the thing: What if saying it became so routine that you forgot why you meant it? You know, like when you’re driving a car to a familiar place and, when you get there, it feels like it all happened in a flash. It was so routine that you didn’t have to pay attention to how you got there; you just got there.
It makes you think, right?! So while I know I won't be giving up the habitual "I love you" as I walk out the door, I know that I will be making more of an effort to share more meaningful "I love you"s with my bub because Lord knows I love that man for a million and twelve reasons.

4.  YOU GUYS. Mandy from The Blue Envelope has done it again.  Today the shop is releasing these ADORABLE and much needed (hint hint, Mr. Wilkinson) tumblers.

I mean, come on. How gorgeous are these?! And the perfect color for spring and summer! While they don't come with a straw, Mandy told me that the Yeti straw lids are a perfect fit and easy to find (usually on sale) on Amazon

BONUS: they are on sale today :) Use code SPRINGSALE for 20% off any order!

5. While this isn't a pregnancy post, I am super excited to share that we have booked our maternity session! I am now in the process of finding the right dress. It's going to be an outdoor location at golden hour. [Insert all the heart eye emojis here.] I hate my pregnancy arms because I feel I show the most weight there, so I want something with sleeves. That being said, these are the dresses from Pink Blush Maternity currently in the running:

Thoughts? Which one do y'all love the most? Any other places I should look?!

Now I am going to watch the clock, countdown until the weekend, and daydream about the sunny 77 and 86 degree days we have in store for us this weekend! Happy Friday, y'all!