Thursday, April 27, 2017

baby #2 | 27 weeks

How Far Along27 weeks!

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of... a yellow turnip?

Symptoms/Sleep: I am starting to get some back pain depending on where baby brother is hanging out. Sleep is hit or miss. I am able to sleep on my side, almost on my stomach which is when I get the best sleep. Sleeping on my back is the worst. It leaves me so achy. Natalie has been having a rough week with the transition back to daycare so we have found her in our bed too many nights which means shitty sleep for me but it's a small price to pay right now.

Bump/Belly Button/Weight Gain: The bump is doing it's own thing. Some days it's really there and other days it's hidden well by my clothes. I am only 2 pounds up from my pre-Natalie pregnancy weight. We joke at work that I might need one of those fake bumps for maternity pictures. Thank goodness we have about 7 weeks to go before those!

I got the FMLA LOA paperwork this week and had an "oh shit, this is really happening" moment. We are hoping that after my appointment next week, we'll have a better idea of our plan. Our inability to plan for his arrival has been tough. 

Cravings/Aversions: nothing this week :)

Big Sister: As I mentioned, it's been a tough week transitioning back to daycare after a week and change off with Daddy but we're doing the best we can. She has cried every morning at drop off which is the worst. That part doesn't get easier.  But by the end of the day, she is totally fine and we have been getting good reports from Ms. Cheryl. On Wednesday when I picked her up, she was playing on the porch with the boys. One of them had his arm around her and they were sitting on a bench. It was adorable. B would have had a stroke if he saw it which only made me smile more.

Baby Brother: We have finally settled on a middle name which makes us ready to share baby brother's name with everyone :)  We wanted another 3 syllable, 1 syllable name which made picking a middle name for baby brother a little bit harder than anticipated. We probably tested out a dozen or so names before we settled on one.

Come July (hopefully not sooner!), we'll be welcoming Everett Grey into our family :) 

And for shits and gigs, a 27 week comparison picture:

Miss Anything: Our visit with Jimmie and Ilona made me miss spiked seltzer. I was jealous of those indulging in adult beverages. I also miss sleeping without a tiny little person pushed up against me, even if she is super cute.

Best Moment: Seeing Ilona, Jimmie and baby Chase was the best. Natalie immediately warmed up to Ilona and Jimmie and even held Chase which was a big milestone moment for our girl. It was nice to sit and laugh about college days and Natalie was on her very best behavior which made B and I so happy. And then she slept in until almost 9 on Sunday.

Can't Wait For: this weekend's little itty-bitty mini-moon :) B and I are going to see one of our favorite bands, the Turnpike Troubadours, and then stay at a hotel nearby for the night. We'll go to dinner before the concert and a little brunch action on Sunday morning before heading home to our girl.