Wednesday, March 29, 2017


When Lindsay asked if I had seen the posts about the #GirlMomBoxSwap, I was quick to jump on it! I love the idea of doing something small, thoughtful and special with Nat while she is still an only child, even though she will always be my only girl.  And I know these swaps will become even more special when baby brother gets here!  Nat and I were paired with Danielle and her sweet Annabelle from A Sprinkle of Joy.  Natalie and Annabelle have quite a bit in common so it was a fun pairing :)

Nat and I had so much fun shopping together for Annabelle. We made a little girls' morning of it and headed to the motherland. Of course Target had a little bit of everything to make the box swap a breeze.  Natalie loved picking out things and must have showed me everything in the store saying, "I think Annabelle would really love this!"

Yep, I was the mom with the kid in the Rapunzel wig...

Even more fun than shopping for Annabelle was getting our swap box! Natalie absolutely loved everything in the box. Her favorite item was easily the My Little Pony sticker book which she insisted on bringing to daycare to show her best friend, Savannah. She was also beyond thrilled at the inclusion of Reese's eggs. That girl is a self proclaimed "chocolate fiend" and has been super obsessed with peanut butter lately so these were an absolute hit. I may or may not have snagged one when Natalie wasn't looking :) 

Danielle, being the most thoughtful mama ever, even included a little something for me!

Thank you so much Dara, Danielle, Beth, Leslie, Lacey and Johanna for hosting this fun little link-up! Love being in this #girlmom group with y'all :) And a BIG thank you to Danielle and Annabelle for our new things :)