Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Five | #2s big ticket items

It's funny the clarity and (naive) confidence that comes with planning for baby #2. There were so many things that I thought I would need with Natalie (a changing table, a wipes warmer, the list goes on) that when I think about #2, I laugh. I was your stereotypical first time mom. If it was on a recommended baby registry, it was probably on mine. This time around, I know that we need far less stuff, BUT there are five "big ticket" items that I want this time around which will make up this weeks Friday Five!  So without further ado...

1. A glider - I didn't have one with Natalie. I had a Cracker Barrel rocker. And while I love the rocking chair and it was so pretty in her room, it really was not comfortable for long nights. Plus the rocking chair looks much better in my dining room now :) This time around, I told B that I wanted a glider with an ottoman. I have heard that the seat cushion on this goes quickly but I have a very handy mama who can help me fix up a cushion if we needed it.

2. Joovy Balloon Stroller - So, I love my stroller (Britax B-Agile) but we have things to consider this time around that we didn't have to think about with Natalie. Baby brother will start daycare at 12 weeks (as opposed to Natalie's 9 months) and Ms. Cheryl takes the kiddos on outings (something I truly adore and worship her for). It would be super convenient for Cheryl to have an infant friendly stroller without B and I having to remember it every morning. The added bonus being the click connect feature with our current stroller/car seat combo.  So I will leave my Britax stroller with Cheryl and I will keep this super lightweight (12.7lbs) stroller with me :) I love the option of a bassinet and the storage basket on the Joovy is dreamy and roomy.

3. VTech Digital Baby Monitor - Don't get me wrong, we LOVE the monitor that we have been using with Natalie; however, the cost of a second camera is almost as much as a new monitor altogether. B and I weighed the pros and cons of the decision and opted to just get a new monitor. The battery life of the parent unit on the one we have is approximately 30 5 minutes after almost 4 years of use so a fresh start with a new babe isn't a terrible idea. This monitor comes with 2 cameras so we will be able to put one in Nat's room until we're ready to move on... in 10 years.

4. Baby Breeza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker - This thing was absolutely not around when we had Natalie or you can bet I would have considered purchasing it then! This thing totally cracks me up (it's basically a formula keurig) while simultaneously making me want it. B and I were concerned about the bottle temperature since Natalie only took a cold bottle, but this formula mixer allows you to control the bottle temp so it can brew a room temperature bottle (in approximately 10 seconds)!  #winning While I did put this on my wish list*, I am having a hard time justifying this for my last pregnancy... but I mean, shouldn't the last be the easiest :)

5. 4Moms RockaRoo - I have heard such great things about this from so many people and then some less than stellar reviews as well (but those are mostly of the first generation RockaRoo that had fewer features). While we have a traditional swing (which we love and plan to use), I wanted something smaller for the tv room/playroom. We spend a lot of time in the tv room/playroom and I wanted to make sure we have a safe space for #2. 

Brandon and I have planned for this tiny little human and have already purchased a couple of these things. That's the other thing that comes with #2 - more planning. We started looking into things and putting money aside for these "big ticket" things much earlier this time around since we were 100% sure that - one way or another - we were having a second baby. You know, that whole naive confidence thing :)

What were your big ticket baby must haves?

*Update: B's parents got us the Baby Breeza! B joked that it was fitting given that his parents bought us our first keurig that they would get the baby his first too :) We are so grateful and excited to use this come July!!