Monday, March 20, 2017

baby #2 | 21 weeks

How Far Along21 weeks, 5 days! We are officially closer to the end than the beginning. Eek!

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a pomegranate! 

Symptoms/Sleep: Cue the emotional pregnant lady. This week I have been feeling all. of. the. feels. Snow hit Maryland early last week and while my office didn't close because fertility doesn't take a day off, I did. This was our last snow just the three of us and I wanted to take it all in and play with Natalie in the snow, bake some pumpkin bars, drink hot cocoa and make some memories, just the three of us. I know she is going to have a million and one memories of playing in the snow with her brother but I need these last ones of just us.

Sleep is still fairly decent. I am still able to sleep on my stomach which helps. If I sleep on one side for too long, my hip begins to hurt so I have been trying not to do that. My dreams are so freaking vivid and random and strange. It is one of my favorite and least favorite parts of pregnancy.

Bump/Weight Gain: Y'all, it is crazy how much my weight has jumped in the last week, we're talking like a whopping 4.5lbs. The scale is starting to make me a little anxious. I am still below my pre-pregnancy weight with Natalie (which is alarming to me given how round my belly is starting to get) but I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed. I am going to increase my water intake (which I should be doing anyways) in hopes that I can chalk some of this up to water weight and not baby brother. I am also going to make an effort to be more conscious about what I am eating. The Evel Knievel in me is making crazy leaps like what if the rapid weight gain and big measuring baby means gestational diabetes. Whomp whomp. 

Cravings/Aversions: This week I have been all over the place with my cravings. On Wednesday, I wanted enchiladas and spicy corn dip salsa and nachos. I stopped by Safeway and picked up Stouffer's enchiladas (and extra enchilada sauce) and made corn dip and it was Holy crap. There are few better feelings than when you satisfy a pregnancy craving. (And I wonder why my weight has jumped... insert monkey covering eyes emoji here.) I am also craving the entire BJ's Brewhouse menu. 

Gender: Still a boy :)

Big Sister: Oh my word, she is the best. Last week Ms. Cheryl said Nat put a baby doll under her shirt and said she was having a baby like mommy. That little stinker makes my heart melt. We had some big mama and mini plans this past weekend to run errands together and just spend time together which was good for both of us.  It is nice to fit in some quality one on one time with my girl.

Miss Anything: Oh you know, just my sanity. This blubbering crazy lady part of pregnancy is for the birds. 

Best Moment: I ordered the letters to get baby brother's name on the wall and they arrived in the mail last week :)  I cannot wait to get them hung up!

Can't Wait For: Baby brother's room to be complete! As I mentioned last week, we are waiting on pictures from B's family (his brother is struggling to get us a good picture and while we potentially have what we need from B's dad, I know Farge was still looking for a different picture) so we can order some custom artwork for baby brother's room but hopefully we'll have that soon and can get that ordered! I have big plans to pick up some things from Lowe's this weekend to complete a project in his room too which will also put us one step closer to a complete nursery!

I am also seriously looking forward to a visit from my parents. I haven't seen them since July and I just miss them so much!