Saturday, March 11, 2017

baby #2 | 20 weeks

How Far Along20 weeks! WHOA, we're halfway there :)

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a banana chocolate bar! 

Symptoms/Sleep: I am feeling more movement which is fun. I am also feeling a BIG increase in my appetite, but this is mostly in the morning/early afternoon time frame. Dinner is generally hit or miss.  Sunday night I had a smoothie and a PB&J for dinner.  Thank heaven for smoothies. 

Nesting has started. Yep, halfway there and I am nesting. I am anxious to get his room done and be able to check that off the list. I did the first load of his laundry last week and have that put away. My new diaper bag came from Amazon and I have that in his room waiting to be put together. However, I don't even remember what I put in Nat's diaper bag [insert monkey covering eyes emoji here] so I have been looking this up on Pinterest haha

This kid is keeping us on our toes. This week at my anatomy scan appointment Dr. Kramer said he looks perfect but (there is always a but with this kid) it looks like I have a functional placenta previa. This means that the placenta is covering the cervix. We didn't see this previously because of the subchorionic bleed. Greeeeaaat.  While Dr. K doesn't think I need to be on bed rest (yet), he has me on pelvic rest, with no heavy lifting and limited activity (whomp whomp). I will go back in 5 weeks to check on things and see if there are any changes. Worst case scenario, this thing doesn't move and I will need to have a c-section. The planner in me is not too upset about this; however, the girl with body image issues isn't thrilled. But honestly, as long as baby brother keeps growing and doing his thing, I don't care how we get him out as long as he waits until the end of July.

Bump/Weight Gain: Just call me the queen of questionable bumps. This has been a much different pregnancy in terms of growth and bump. He sits much lower than Natalie did. I am steadily gaining weight (with a 2lb jump this week... eek!) but I am not sure where it is going besides my boobs. I definitely have great pregnancy boobs and I know a certain someone who is not upset about that.

And because this would not be complete without a side by side of 20 week pictures:

Cravings/Aversions: This week has been pretty tame. I have been happily consuming all the smoothies. Dinner has gotten tough again. I am far more interested in eating between the hours of 5AM-2PM. After that, food just doesn't hold any appeal. Not in a make me nauseous way but rather a I'm just not hungry way.

Gender Predictions: At the anatomy scan, baby brother made sure that we did not have a single doubt about his gender. He is all boy and proud of it.

Big Sister: Limited activity has been hard on the big sister. It's hard for her that I can't pick her up and play with her the same way I usually do. It is making her overly sensitive and she cries at the drop of a hat because it means I'll pull her into my lap for a snuggle. Bedtime is rough. Half the time we have let her sleep in our bed just because that's easier than the bedtime fight or, worse, moving her when she is asleep. 

The other night she had a terrible night terror. It was the longest one she has had to date and we could not get her to snap out of it. I can't get over the fact that she has no idea what has happened once she finally wakes up. She hasn't had one in so long that I had almost forgotten how downright scary they are as a parent.

Miss Anything: Nothing I can think of this week!

Best Moment: Seeing baby brother :) Y'all, he is going to be another big baby. Typically at 20 weeks, baby weighs in at around 10.2 ounces.  Baby brother is measuring 12 ounces.  Dr. Masiky said we'll keep an eye on this for possible early induction... you know, provided my placenta moves and I don't need a c-section!

Can't Wait For: I am looking forward to getting the final details of his room together and getting his room put together in the coming weeks. As I mentioned above, nesting has started already and I am in full on prepare for tiny human mode.  At least I hope we can get his room together. We are ordering custom artwork and are waiting on pictures from B's family so we can get that ordered. I am hoping it comes together as perfectly in real life as it does in my head!