Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Amazon Registry

My love affair with Amazon is no secret.  I have posted about my wishlist obsession here and here.  Amazon Wishlist has made gift giving super easy. I keep a running list of age appropriate things Natalie wants, books she doesn't have, things I want and things we could use around the house. It made birthday and Christmas shopping super easy for us and for family. When I planned Tim's 5th birthday party, I created an Amazon list of party supplies and Michelle got what she wanted from the list. It made things super easy. I did the leg work and she paid the bill - it saved her a ton of time. Well, I have come to spread more Amazon love today.  I have discovered Amazon Registry.  I know a lot of pregnant first time mamas out there so I wanted to share this discovery sooner rather than later! 

If I had known about this when I was pregnant with Natalie, you can bet that I would have definitely had my registry through Amazon then! Here are my top five favorite features of the Amazon registry:

1. When you create your registry, there is a step by step guide to help you to register for all of the things you "need". The categories include: out & about, feeding, clothing, diapering, nursery, play & learn, health & safety, bath time and for mom (love this!). Each category has subcategories to help you register for anything and everything.

2. A feature that is super cool that I won't use this time around since it isn't my first rodeo, but could have been nice the first time is the "Advice Team".  This is a great feature for first time moms so they can really pick the brains of their mom friends.  You simply add your friends to a list and they will be sent an email asking them to join the team. Your friends can add items to the "Advice List" with a little note about why it worked for them. If you decide to register for the item, you can move it over to your registry from the advice list. 

3. Thank You List. Items purchased directly off the registry will be displayed in the "thank you list" which easily lets you write thank you notes and keep track of who you have sent one to already and who still needs one! This makes this mama's heart super happy! 

4. Find something you want that isn't on Amazon? I'm not sure how this is possible, BUT using the Amazon 1 Button App allows you to add items from anywhere to your registry. This would have been killer when I was pregnant with Natalie since I ended up having two different registries since some places carried things that others did not!

5. Completion discount. Your completion discount starts 60 days before your anticipated due date and is 10% and up to 15% for Prime members. Throw in the free 2 day shipping for Prime members and it's a no brainer. Don't have Prime? No problem - Amazon offers free shipping on most purchases over $35. 

Bonus #1: Once your registry is completely put together and $100 worth of items have been purchased from your registry, Amazon will send select Prime members a "Welcome Box".  The welcome box contains an assortment of products for both mama and baby. Our welcome box contained: a sample pack of Amazon wipes, a pacifier, lotion, prenatal vitamins, a teething toy and a stroller toy. In order to get to the $100 faster, we added things to our registry that we had on our wishlist but did not plan to ask for. Things like a new humidifiers for Natalie, baby gates, baskets, and a dirty cloths hamper. By putting these things on the registry, we were able to get our welcome box sooner. The anticipation was killing me :)

Bonus #2: Amazon has incentives when purchases are made off your registry. Recently, I had one that said "free Skip Hop Roll Around Toy with $50 purchase" which made me particularly happy since I had one of those on the registry anyways!  So I snagged the rug from our registry and a lamp and we were able to get a free toy. Little bonuses like that help me to make sure that #2 has some toys of his own... not that I really believe that will be a problem! :)

Bonus #3: For those friends who are last minute shoppers who have Amazon prime, getting a gift the Wednesday before your shower is possible with prime 2 day shipping #winning (Not that I am that friend or anything...)

I mean, seriously, what is not to love? So while I don't anticipate or expect a shower or sprinkle, it has been nice to keep a running list of the things that B and I want in one place that I can quickly reference and make purchases throughout my pregnancy and the completion discount makes it even better than just keeping a wish list!   

**NOTE: This is not an affiliate post. Amazon did not give me anything for this post. I just really love them.