Wednesday, March 8, 2017

a little more pink | Nat's big girl room

We have been in our home about two years now and I have seriously taken my time in finishing Natalie's room (and the whole house for that matter). I wanted to really get a feel for the house before I made any major commitments. In fact, we changed the rooms around since we moved in. What was the play room is now baby brother's room. What was Natalie's room is now the play room/tv room. And what was the guest room is now Natalie's room. I am really happy with the change. B and I agreed the playroom (which had been Natalie's room) should be the biggest of the three rooms.

I bought a gray rug for the guest room (now baby brother's room) a few months ago and Natalie asked me if it could go in her room. This sparked my desire to finally really put her room together. I have finally decided to embrace the pink (three years later) and the fact that my daughter is all that is girl. So we started with a pink rug from Rugs USA (on Amazon) that matched the one in the guest room. Natalie was so excited when we showed her the rug in her room (and so was Mama). 

A friend of ours has a little girl about a year older than Natalie. Her room has always been the ultimate girl's room which cracks us up since Jon is a big tough corrections officer. Anyways, Lilly's room inspired me to get a princess canopy for Natalie's room. We are really pleased with the quality of the Best Choice Products canopy we ordered on (shocker) Amazon. It really added the princessy feel to her room :)

I found the ultimate frilly, girly bedding at Home Goods and snagged it. At that point, Natalie was still in a crib but I knew that if I didn't get it when I did, it was as good as gone. I also grabbed a couple ballerina pictures and some baskets with ballerina print liners to add some other girly touches to her room.  I picked up some cute, girly sheets at Target on clearance and really love them. Since Natalie sleeps under a comforter and she has a decorative pillow sham, I am more lenient on her sheets since they aren't seen when her bed is made and lately she has been obsessed with super tacky pink Paw Patrol sheets which I begrudgingly allow (especially since we got them for $6 on Target clearance).  We hung a shelf for her monitor and it had hooks so I added a couple princess dresses and a calendar from the Target $1 spot and love how that looks!

Her window valances have been in her room since birth. I found them online at Kohls and was really pleased with how simple they were.  I wanted a touch of pink in her nursery (before I was ready to embrace the fact that I am a girl mom) and I am really pleased with how they brighten up and break up the pink of her big girl room. Her letters came from Buy Buy Baby but I cannot seem to find them there anymore. 

Finally, as I posted about in a weekend recap, we painted Natalie's room and it turned out so dreamy.  I literally feel like it popped right out of a magazine. It's better than anything I could have pictured in my wildest dreams.

I am so excited that this project is done and Natalie finally has a room fit for a big sister!