Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Five

What a week.  We celebrated the birth of three of our favorite people: Mr. Jon, B's dad and my mama.  Work has been crazy busy but we are holding out for some downtime at the end of next week which is a really nice thing to look forward to! Natalie has been a total spitfire this week which has definitely kept us on our toes :) I could not be more excited that it's Friday and the weekend are here!  Without further ado, my Friday five.

1. Can we talk about the spring weather we've been having in Maryland? It has been heaven. Seriously. Natalie has been able to play outside after work. B and I have been able to sit on the deck and relax as the neighborhood kids play in our yard. Tonight we have big plans to grill for dinner. It has been incredible. I really hope it's not a tease.

2. I love the US Postal Service. We had an issue this week where Carter's was sending an order to our old address. I called Carter's and they said UPS had to resolve the issue. I called UPS and they said Carter's had to resolve it. Then UPS told me that it was the post office's problem. I called the post office and the woman I spoke to tried every shipping and tracking number that UPS had given me. Nothing was working. She took down the shipper information, our old address, our new address and my contact information. She said she was going to personally try to intercept the package when it arrived at the post office and she would call me when she had it. Talk about top notch customer service. The lady I spoke to on Wednesday was not as nice (at all), but when I checked the tracking on Thursday afternoon I saw that the item was being held at the post office. I plan to pop by there tomorrow morning to pick it up!

3. I purchased a Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock in Indigo Dream [even though I am totally swooning over the Full Bloom print] earlier this week and I have to tell you, I am freakishly excited to use it. I remember shopping for Thanksgiving, Natalie was a couple weeks old, and I was pushing one cart of groceries and pulling a second cart with her car seat in it. I must have looked like a total lunatic. I am beyond excited to use the cart hammock with baby brother. Do you see this? It can hold baby OR car seat. I mean, COME ON!

Photo by @sarahtreed from the Binxy Baby facebook page
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4. B picked up these Thomas' Nooks & Crannies Bagels earlier this week and oh. my. word. They are super delicious! It's the best parts of an english muffin and a bagel. They are perfect!

5. These Old Navy Maternity Side-Panel Mid-Rise Pixie Pants are everything. They came in the mail on Wednesday. I wore them on Thursday. And I am in love. I want to get them in every color they have. They are super great quality and so so so comfortable. There is something so gratifying about feeling normal and comfortable in your skin when you haven't felt either of those things in awhile. 

This weekend we are putting major home projects on hold!  We have spent the last few weekends doing home projects and have some quite a few more coming down the pike including a master bath make-over, painting the tv room and playroom and updating our bedroom!  Instead, we have big plans to go to the movies and finally see Moana followed by a lunch date at one of my favorite restaurants: BJ's Brewhouse :) I am excited to spend the weekend loving on my little family.