Friday, February 17, 2017

baby #2: 17 weeks

How Far Along17 weeks!

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of an onion pomegranate 

Symptoms/Sleep: I am starting to feel round ligament pain. Woof. Nothing says good morning like that pain.  I am still sleeping on my stomach for the most part which is nice. I sleep much better on my stomach. I am crashing early but then my sleep patterns from 12am on are rough. I might have to start drinking 7/11 half caf coffee on the regular soon.  Getting up to pee is getting old but it has been happening less frequently in the last week which is nice. Here's to hoping that is on a steady decline. HA!  I am starting to feel him move more and more which is reassuring but oddly enough, doesn't make this feel real. I keep wondering when that will happen.

Bump/Weight Gain: I am up 12 pounds from my baseline appointment in October; however, saying I have a bump is a total stretch. I am so much smaller this pregnancy than when I was pregnant with Natalie. I appreciate it; however, again, it doesn't help to make this feel real.

Cravings/Aversions: I am craving all the smoothies and milkshakes and cold drinks. I am also craving pineapple and watermelon, like a lot. I have been consistently let down by grocery store watermelon which makes me want to cry. I need good watermelon. Now. Please. I am also still craving the strawberry, poppy seed, chicken salad from Panera. 

Gender Predictions: BOY! I think we even have his name decided upon :)

Big Sister: She has been sweet as pie this week. She has been loving on baby brother and giving my stomach hugs and kisses and talking to him.  It really is the sweetest thing ever.

Nat and I have a mama and mini date planned for this weekend while Daddy and Farge (B's dad) work on her room, but she seems to be coming down with something so I am a bit leary about our adventure. I guess we'll probably play it by ear.

Miss Anything: My clothes fitting but...

Best Moment: I finally caved and bought some maternity pants for work and some other maternity basics which should make getting my ish together in the morning a bit easier! I have also started buying some things for baby brother.  I ordered some things from Children's Place and when they arrived I could not believe how small they were. I forgot what it's like to hold those itty bitty onesies and pants.

Can't Wait For: Big sister's room to be done this weekend!  I am so excited for it to be all done and to do a big reveal for her!  She is going to love love love all of the pink!

I am also excited to see baby brother's room come together!  I purchased a window valance for his room and I am going to have my mom put his monogram on it and I am excited for that... even though that won't be for a couple months. My parents are coming up at the end of March so I will give my mom the valance then!