Sunday, February 12, 2017

baby #2: 16 weeks

How Far Along16 weeks!

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of an avocado... or a donut :) 

Symptoms/Sleep: I am still sleeping like a champ. I have been falling asleep super early though but sleeping through the night... unless I have to pee. It is the worst. I did not have this with Natalie and it's been a rude awakening to normal pregnancy. I don't mind the nights that I am getting up between 11-1 but the nights I am getting up after 2:30 are the worst. It's totally hit or miss if I fall back to sleep.

Bump/Weight Gain: I am up 11 pounds from my baseline appointment October 21st. I am still under my pre-pregnancy weight with Natalie which makes me feel good and I am still considerably smaller at 16 weeks than I was at even 14 weeks with Nat.  Getting dressed is starting to get difficult. I am feeling very much in the pudgy vs pregnant stage and I am having a hard time recognizing that this is pregnancy and normal and ok. I remember this struggle from my pregnancy with Natalie but it started MUCH earlier with her so I have made progress in some regards. Body image issues are no joke and they rear their ugly head in such a serious way during pregnancy. Thank goodness I am married to such a kind, compassionate, patient man.

Seriously... how sweet is that note he put in my lunch :)

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing this week which is nice.

Gender Predictions: BOY

Big Sister: She has been so funny this week. We were in baby brother's room and she noticed some of her old toys in his bin. She told me that they were hers and while she is a big girl and he is a baby and they are baby toys, she will share, but she made it clear that she is NOT happy about it. I couldn't help but laugh. I scooped her up and told her how proud I was of her sharing, even if it is being done begrudgingly. 

She has been incredibly affectionate this week. She has been snuggly and sweet. She will rub my stomach and tell me that she loves baby brother. We have been talking about him more with her and I think that has been helping. 

Miss Anything: My clothes, still. I need to cave and get a few maternity options but I am just not there yet, mentally.

Best Moment: We found out that the SCB has collapsed on itself! Yay! There is still a very small SCB but I was told that I may or may not have any bleeding from that at all.  Now that we are in the clear a bit more - not completely - I will show a side by side of how big the bleed was at 12 weeks. You can't even see it in the 15 week ultrasound.

As you can see, the SCB was fairly comparable in size to the baby.  We affectionately referred to it as the baby's waterbed. A concern that we have to keep in the back of our heads now is the fact that baby has swallowed some of the blood and we could see spots in his stomach during future ultrasounds. Dr. Kramer said that because we know the cause, this should not worry us, but it's still a bit scary. 

Can't Wait ForFinishing up the kiddos rooms. This weekend we have been prepping and painting baby brother's room, even though it has killed me to do this before big sister's room. I am excited to start putting baby brother's room together. Not to worry though, next weekend is all about big sister! Her room is finally getting painted and put together! While B paints her room, I am planning a fun mama/mini date for me and Natalie.