Saturday, February 4, 2017

baby #2: 15 weeks

How Far Along15 weeks!

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of an orange!  

Symptoms/Sleep: About the same as last week. This whole getting up to pee thing is brutal. The other night I woke up at 2:40 and never fell back to sleep. 

Bump/Weight Gain: I am still much smaller this time around than I was with Natalie.  Last week I thought I was out of the pudgey or pregnant stage and now I am thinking I jumped the gun a bit.  It is crazy to me how differently I am carrying this pregnancy. 

Cravings/Aversions: The idea of fried food makes my stomach turn. I have been craving that strawberry, poppy seed and chicken salad from Panera and have seriously considered writing them a letter begging them to bring it back sooner.  

Gender Predictions: BOY! And this week I am feeling far more confident and excited about it. B and I have been testing out names to see what we like and I think that is helping me come around to the idea.

Big Sister: I think my inability to spend quality time with her is catching up to her. She has been acting out a bit and the last time she did this, B and I had determined it was because we weren't seeing each other as much. B and I have talked about it and we are going to come up with some special Mama and Nat dates over the next few weeks to help Natalie and I get back on track. It's been hard. Nat likes to snuggle and climb all over me and with the SCB it's made that incredibly nerve wracking but we're working on it!

Miss Anything: My clothes. I am running out of non-maternity options. I feel like I am wearing the same 5 outfits every week in constant rotation. In fact, I am almost certain I wore the same shirt to work twice last week [insert monkey covering eyes emoji here]. 

Best Moment: My coworker, Christine, brought in her doppler for me to use for the rest of my pregnancy and it was so nice to hear his heartbeat. I have been far more anxious this pregnancy and having the doppler gives SUCH peace of mind :)

ALSO! I caved and purchased maternity jeans. Talk about life changing. For the first time this pregnancy, I felt normal.  

Can't Wait For: Our big weekend next weekend! B and (hopefully) Mr. Jon will be working on Nat's room while (Michelle and) I take Nat (and Tim) to the new indoor park!