Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday | Nursery #2 Inspiration

This week I am linking up with Jenn and Jessi for What's Hap-pinning Wednesday to talk about nursery plans and pins!

I have had this baby's nursery planned and figured out in my head since long before this baby was confirmed to be. Are we all suuuper surprised by that?  I found out gender at 13 weeks with Natalie and when we did a scan at 10 weeks I was told I would probably be able to know around the same time (if not a bit earlier this time around) so while this post comes super early in my pregnancy, I wanted to share my nursery thoughts before we know gender.  Plus, I know I'll start working on the nursery ASAP to help me wrap my head around the idea of whatever it is that we are having!  I learned from my mistakes with Natalie's nursery that a true theme before we know the personality of the child is just not for me and I work much better with a color scheme. 

Even Natalie's big girl room has a very loose ballet princess theme. She has a couple of pictures of ballerinas on the wall, her laundry basket has ballerinas wearing pink and purple tutus and the baskets on her dresser and bookcase have the same pattern on the liner. Her bedding is pink and frilly and girly - without a single ballerina on it. I really love how her big girl room is coming together. It's super simple, has more of a color scheme than a theme and fits her sassy little personality. It's exactly what I wanted for her, especially as her room gets updated and finally comes together. 

When planning for #2, I knew I wanted to use gray. Again, we're all super surprised right? It's super gender neutral and the color schemes I like for both genders include gray. I am also fairly certain I won't get bored of it. I will also admit that I made these purchases long before we even knew we were pregnant. [Insert emoji of monkey covering it's eyes here.] However, in my defense, who doesn't need a rug, a lamp and baskets anyways?!

So with gray and simple in mind, I took to pinterest and Amazon to find what I wanted for either a boy or a girl's nursery and the ideas all came together super easily. 

I love red and gray for a boy's room. There are endless possibilities: old Chevys (sorry B), fire trucks (a nod to my family as most of my cousins are in the fire department), baseball, Alabama Crimson Tide... Plus, it's simple enough that it leaves plenty of room to grow and add a real theme if/when the time comes. Regardless of theme down the road, I kind of love the idea of a jar full of baseballs to match Natalie's apothecary jar of hair ribbons.

I cannot get enough of the purple, teal and gray color combination for a girl's room. It's girly without being pink and since Natalie's room is (very) pink, I wanted to do something different for another little girl. I love the bold pattern of the bedding and how it coordinates with everything but mixes and matches patterns.

I am so excited to decorate this little space and am super anxious to find out what we are having. We should know in the next 2-3 weeks  and I'll be sure to share that with y'all and the progress of the nursery planning!