Saturday, January 28, 2017

baby #2 | 14 weeks

How Far Along14 weeks, 3 days!

Size of the BabyBaby W is the size of a lemon! (Which is smaller than a peach in my opinion, but what do I know...)

Symptoms/Sleep: I am hungry all morning and early afternoon; however, once I hit 3pm food becomes less and less appealing and sleep becomes more and more appealing. I thought I was getting my energy back but we have convinced Natalie to snuggle in bed and watch movies by 6:30 almost every night this week so perhaps I was being a bit overzealous. When I am sleeping, I am sleeping so well. Nights that I get up to pee are hard, if it happens before 1:30, I fall right back to sleep. After that, it's totally hit or miss. After 3, I end up just cat napping until my alarm goes off.

Bump/Weight Gain: While I am still much smaller than I was with Natalie at this time, (in fact, I have only gained 7 pounds since my baseline appointment on October 21st) I feel like I am starting to show a bit. I definitely feel like I am in that pudgey or pregnant stage that I hate so much. I have been reassured that I will pop soon and it won't be a question. 

Cravings/Aversions: I have been really wanting the most random list of things. I really want shoyu chicken and rice. But only if my friend Jessica is making it. I love hers but I am apprehensive to try any other kind. I still really want pollo saltado (especially the rice) but only if it is coming from Sardi's. Also, I have developed a new craving for spicy. B's mom makes this really great corn dip and I recreated it (with extra corn) on Wednesday night to have for my dinner. [Yes dinner, insert monkey covering eyes emoji here.] However, I was too tired but I did have it with chicken for lunch the next day!  I really want my mama's chicken curry. Oh! And a Sunday breakfast bagel made by my dad. 

Gender Predictions: It's a BOY

Big Sister: Oh my sweet girl. She has been a total character since finding out the baby is a boy. We have had a lot of conversations like the one below...

Me: Is the baby a brother or a sister?
Natalie: I'm having a baby sister!
Me: No bubby, you're having a baby brother.
Natalie: I want a sister, a baby sister. I don't want a brother. I'm leaving and not coming back.

She claims she wanted a sister but is utterly repulsed by the idea of having to share her dolls, tutus and clothes so (in theory) she's going to be much better off with a baby brother! 

Miss Anything: An appetite for dinner and meal planning. It is really throwing us off to not be able to come up with solid meal plans. I am hoping that comes back soon. I would also love the return of my energy after 3pm. 

Best Moment: The great purge tops my list of best moments this week. B and I went through and got rid of a TON of stuff... mostly things belonging to Natalie. We changed the upstairs playroom into more of a tv room with several toys in it. We cleaned up the basement and got rid of things that she had outgrown that were not gender neutral. B's truck was so full of stuff. Our home feels more open and clean and I am loving that. We are debating trying one more purge before baby comes but we shall see.

Can't Wait For: Painting the kiddos rooms! Next weekend we are tackling Nat's room and I cannot wait to get paint on the walls and hang some new things :) I am also excited to put some things on the walls in #2's room to really help me wrap my head around boy. I have a feeling that once I start to put the room together, all of some of my apprehension will begin to fade.