Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baby #2 | 12 weeks

How Far Along12 weeks, 3 days! 

I'll be doing pictures on weekends until it's light outside longer. When we leave for work it's dark and when we get home it's dark, so to get the best natural light, weekends are it! It cracks me up what a crazy lady I was during pregnancy #1 that bump pictures HAD to be taken on the right day. [Insert eye roll emoji here.]

Size of the Baby: Baby W is the size of a plum half eaten hot dog. 

Symptoms/Sleep: Oddly enough, this week I have been having random waves of nausea. They don't stick around more than a couple minutes and go away quickly if I drink some water. I do not know how women can do this for days/weeks. God bless you all. We have also welcomed middle of the night bathroom trips to the pregnancy.

Warning: next part is a little bit graphic.

I was hesitant to share this but what kind of journal of my pregnancy would this be if I didn't share it all? Last Thursday I had some bleeding (not spotting, bleeding), enough that it was incredibly unnerving. Dr. O told me at my 8 week scan that there was a small pocket that could be a subchorionic bleed (SCB) but not to stress out about it. When I started bleeding, I prayed that was the case. Dr. O did a scan and everything looked fine. The baby looked good with a nice strong heartbeat. My cervix is long and closed, but the bleed was near my cervix. She explained that it would keep up for a few days and I would have some mild cramping and spotting for a week or two. So for the last week, I have been dealing with this and it's not fun. One would think rest, feet up, no strenuous activity would be pretty ok, but it's hard to have an active 3 year old and be on restricted activity. 

I had an appointment with my OB on Wednesday and Dr. Masiky told me that everything looks good. I am to continue to be cautious but I can hold Natalie when I need to. Baby's heartbeat was strong in the 170s. It was the first time I had heard it and I thought it would make things feel more real but nope. I am (obviously) supposed to call (again) if there is any spotting or anything but, overall, things look good and we're heading in the right direction. The SCB is still seen on ultrasound but that is to be expected at this point.  She did mention that I really need to increase my water intake. If y'all have any tips to help me with that, PLEASE let me know!

Bump/Weight Gain: YOU GUYS, I've only gained 5 pounds. I thought I had gained more but Dr. Masiky said I have only gained FIVE. I'll take it. 

Cravings/Aversions: I am loving tomatoes and avocado. Oh, and eggos are my new favorite thing. YUM. Bagels with cream cheese and tomato are my jam.  I am terrified of chicken breast. The new Progresso commercial where they are cutting up celery, carrots and chicken breast makes my stomach turn every time I see it. On the flip side, rotisserie chicken is still doable and a fan favorite.  The idea of a burger makes me queasy. Anything fried (especially shrimp) sounds terrible. Coffee makes me feel fairly nauseous but I need it some mornings, so if I have to drink coffee, I am drinking ginger ale at the same time.

Gender Predictions: I have no idea. I have been trying to put my gender thinking aside and just pray for healthy right now. Last week was quite a scare and put things into perspective - gender seriously doesn't matter in the big picture as long as this little peanut and healthy and thriving.  However, if I had to say, I am leaning boy for some reason, probably because I want a sister sib-set, even though I know that Natalie's strong personality would be a terrible match for a baby sister and she would probably do much better with a baby brother. I am trying really hard to come around to the idea of boy and have been looking at baby brother pinterest things quite often. 

Big Sister: That girl has been a handful this past week. We have been having a really hard time with listening and following directions. The threenager is in FULL effect.  Holy sassy little wench (and I mean that in only the most endearing way possible). However, she has these moments where she is the sweetest, most thoughtful, empathetic little girl and I aaaalmost forget how naughty she has been. Oh three, what a lovely age. 

I have started to have readiness anxiety. Yep, at 12 weeks. It's the planner control freak in me. So I ordered new bottles. They came in the mail and Natalie was not having it. She was mad she couldn't use them to feed Gemma milk and decided we didn't need them at all. Heaven help us. Although, her reaction does make me glad I am starting to bring things into the house early so she can take her time adjusting to the idea!

Miss Anything: I would love to be able to function as a normal person. Limited activity is for the birds. I also miss watermelon being in season because I could definitely eat my weight in it. I also miss Panera's strawberry, poppyseed and chicken salad with extra strawberries and extra blueberries, hold the mandarins. YUM. 

Best Moment: Definitely hearing baby's heartbeat on Wednesday :)

Can't Wait For: We have a whole list of home projects we want done before baby: finishing Natalie's big girl room, painting #2s room, fixing the kitchen sink, maybe updating the kitchen cabinets (with a paint face lift), painting our bedroom and updating our bedding, finishing the master bath (I peeled the wallpaper and we desperately need to clean up the walls and paint in there). Obviously, we have a lot of painting to do before July! I can't wait for some of those things to be crossed off the list. B painted the hallway this weekend and it looks amazing. He says he is in his Papa nesting mode and wants to have the house more complete by time this babe comes along and I am loving that.