Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baby #2 | 11 weeks

How Far Along11 weeks, 2 days! 

Size of the Baby: Baby W is the size of a lime.

Symptoms/Sleep: So far I have been blessed with another fairly easy first trimester. And aside from being so tired by like 5pm during weeks 7-9, I am feeling great. I am usually a big fan of dinner around 6:30 but by time I get Natalie from Ms. Cheryl's and get home, I am starving. B is loving the early dinner time. Sleep has been amazing. I am sleeping the sleep of the living dead. Some nights my head barely hits the pillow and I am out. Other nights it takes a little bit of time (mostly because my mind is going through the never ending to-do list) but once I am asleep, I am dunzo. 

Bump/Belly Button/Weight Gain: I have only gained about 6 pounds. [Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here.] I am unsure if this is pregnancy related or holidays related. I mean they say that on average people gain 2-5 pounds during the "holiday season". I noticed it around 9 weeks that while I didn't have a bump, I felt fuller and my pants were starting to feel a tad snug. This week, I couldn't zip my pants and have resorted to leggings all day, every day. #sorrynotsorry

Cravings/Aversions: I don't know that I've had any consistent cravings yet. I have had a couple days where certain things just sound really good, but rarely do I go out of my way to get them. 

Gender Predictions: Ok, so I have a few things about this. When we were given the picture of our embryo, I handed it to B and said, well Dad what do you think? Without hesitation he said boy. He was right about Natalie, so I have to give him some credit there.

Then about a week after my transfer I was driving to work and asked for a sign. The next song to come on was Two Pink Lines by Eric Church. Granted, in the song, they don't end up pregnant. There is a line that says "you just sit around here waiting on two pink lines, praying that faith is on your side" and I couldn't help but think maybe faith was on my side. The very next song to come on the radio was "Anything like Me" by Brad Paisley.  So I took that as a sign that we were pregnant and it's a boy. I guess time will tell. 

My first OB scan was just shy of 6 weeks and the heart rate was 108 and my second scan at 7 weeks the heart rate was 149. [For reference here, Natalie's scans were done at the same time. Her first heart rate was 103 and her second was 130.] The old wives tale says that higher than 140 bmp than it's a girl. Welp, it was wrong about Natalie but, again, only time will tell about #2!

Big Sister: This is hit or miss. Some days big sister is SO excited about being a big sister. Other days, Nat tells us she is done being a big sister and she doesn't want a baby. She asked B if she could see the ultrasound picture we have hanging on the refrigerator and when he handed it to her, she asked what it was and he said that's your little brother or sister. She looked at it again and handed it back to him and said "oh, I'm not interested in this anymore." Here's to hoping she comes around :)

She goes back and forth on her gender predictions and what she wants. Most of the time she says girl and she wants a little sister. Then randomly she'll tell us she wants a baby Bryce brother. We're still unsure if she wants us to steal Baby Bryce from our friends Greg and Terra or if she wants a brother named Bryce.... either way, she's out of luck. We're not kidnapping a baby and we're not naming a baby brother Bryce. 

Miss Anything: On Christmas morning, I was definitely missing mimosas. A wine glass full of OJ just doesn't hold the same appeal. I am also kind of missing cold brewskis during Alabama football games.

Best Moment: Every ultrasound has been so exciting. It hasn't done anything to help me believe this is really happening, but it has been so reassuring which is nice considering I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms so to speak.

Can't Wait For: Gender. I have a feeling it's going to be a boy because I am so hoping for a girl (I mean, come on! Matching bows and dresses. Wearing Nat's hand me downs. Insert all the heart eye emojis here.). I am well aware how ironic this is given how disappointed I was to find out I was having a girl when I was pregnant with Natalie. Funny how things happen. I just want to know gender so I can wrap my head around it early and, if it is a boy, kick any gender disappointment to the curb. (Yep, that's right. I am openly admitting my preference and the fact that there is a chance that I will have gender disappointment - thanks Jen for sharing the most beautiful post on that). The reality is that I know that whoever this baby is I am going to love the hell out of him/her so, come July, this will all be moot but right now it's hard not to hope for two little girls with matching outfits and bows and dolls. Oy.