Thursday, January 26, 2017

14 weeks | Gender Reveal

While my weekly bumpdate will come this weekend, as usual, I couldn't let the week pass without sharing our big gender news :)

While I would love to do a gender reveal party, the idea of planning something and having to wait for the event to share this news is just absurd. I don't have that kind of patience. I have a lot of respect for people who can know and wait to share, those people are the ones to confide in!  The information still hasn't sunk in for me but I was still so excited to tell my parents that I called them at 7:30 Sunday morning. For once, they were home and both awake :)

Something I love that has been at all of the gender reveal parties that I have been to is that board of old wives tales. Even though I won't be having a gender reveal party, I made a board anyways. It was fun to see what gender the old wives tales forecast. 

So clearly based on Old Wives Tales, it should have been fairly obvious that...

I told B on Friday by putting together a little gift for him. His reaction was priceless :)

Eek! I am coming around to the idea.  Unlike when I found out Natalie was a girl, I did not cry! That is progress. We went to Carters over the weekend and I kind of stood in the boy section awhile taking it all in. We picked up some things for little brother and I sat in his room awhile after we got home picturing life as a boy mom. I guess come July I'll know firsthand :)