Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Five | 12-2-16

Y'all it's December. How did that happen? I cannot believe how quickly November came and went and I know this last month of the year is bound to go just as quickly! However, there is so much to look forward to in the coming weeks so I can't help but be excited :)

1. I love this Believe in the Magic raglan from The Blue Envelope. I just had to snag it on Small Business Saturday for our upcoming visit to Santa. (Again, seriously, how is it December?!)

2. Rent the Runway. We have the practice's big 25th Anniversary [black tie optional] Gala in 2 weeks and this week was crunch time on figuring out the dress situation. I have never rented from Rent the Runway but have heard really great things from so many people so I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. Between the Cyber Monday deals and my first time renter discount, I knew I would say money one way or another. Why have I not looked at this site sooner?! There were so many gorgeous dress options that it was so hard to pick!

3. Thanks to her big cousin, Tim, Natalie has been really into dinosaurs. Not in the whole I want to play with them way but in the I want them on my clothes when I hang out with Tim way. I guess she is seeking some kind of acceptance and approval from him and it's adorable that she wants to make her big cousin happy. I find it so sweet that she shows an interest in the things that he is interested in. She even tries so hard to listen to him when he rambles on about dinos... bless her heart. Michelle is watching Natalie the night of the gala so when I saw these awesome dino pajamas at Carters, I knew I had to get them for the very special occasion!

4. Wednesday pizza dinners. B surprised Nat and I with our favorite pizza as a middle of the week treat and I am not sure which one of us was more excited. I have had the worst sinus infection and the evenings have been particularly brutal as far as having an appetite and wanting to be productive plus it's dark when I get home and it's been rainy and dreary so pizza dinner was just what the doctor ordered. It's the simple things in life, y'all. 

5. Christmas everything. We have had Christmas music on all day in our office since Monday and it's been lovely background noise. There is something about Christmas music that just feels so right. Here's to hoping I still feel this way in a couple weeks :)  Although, now that I am thinking about it, I don't know that I could sit and actually listen purposefully to an album of Christmas music (except for Michael Buble... swoon). Anyone else immediately think of the movie Elf when they hear Sleigh Ride? 

If I am still feeling this crappy come tomorrow, I plan to snuggle up with Nat on the couch and binge watch Christmas movies and, of course, Elf will make the cut. I really need to really come up with a list of must watch Christmas movies for her. We've already watched the Grinch half a dozen times since Sunday :) Anyone have any suggestions that just have to be on there?!