Monday, November 7, 2016

weekending | home projects

Y'all we are 3/3 for kick ass weekends lately.  Nat was under the weather this past weekend so we did not anticipate such a fabulous weekend but we kept it fairly low key, did some projects around the house and Alabama won making it a pretty awesome weekend indeed. Bonus: Natalie actually kind of a little bit slept in on Sunday.

Saturday morning, B was tasked with turning the playroom door into a half door. We did this in our kitchen at the townhouse instead of buying another baby gate and it seemed to work well so we opted to do that with the playroom. I love love love how it came out. 

It allows Natalie to feel like she has her own space (girlfriend loves to close the door to the playroom) but it prevents her from locking herself in there (again). This will also come in handy during naps (and when my nephew spends the night) to make sure the dogs actually leave her(/him) alone.

While B worked on this project, I worked on a couple little projects of my own.  I took a piece of furniture from our kitchen and put it in the dining room to make a little coffee bar.  Our dining room is spacious and it always felt like something was missing so I was excited to see how well this fit in the space.  I was a bit nervous about how B would feel about it since I was taking the coffee maker out of the kitchen but he loved the idea! I just need to find a cute sign to hang on the wall. Oh darn, a trip to Home Goods is in my future :) 

Then I lugged a table upstairs from the laundry room (because I am all that is woman stubborn) and into the kitchen.  We added some hooks to the wall for backpacks and jackets, a basket for Natalie's shoes and boom! It cleaned up the space and made it far more organized and practical!

On Sunday, Natalie surprisingly slept until 7 which allowed us to kind of enjoy the fall back of the clock and the extra hour. B's parents came for brunch and a quick visit to celebrate Natalie's birthday since they are unable to make it next weekend for her party. B and Nat had a nice visit and Natalie was able to spend some time with her grandparents. 

All in all, we had a really nice little weekend.  And because no post is complete without a picture of this little gem...

Seriously? Is she going to be three or thirteen on Sunday?!