Monday, November 21, 2016

Tim's 5th Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my nephew's 5th birthday and I really cannot believe it is even possible that he is five years old. He is turning into such a smart, funny, charming little guy and Brandon and I are so proud of how far he has come in the last three years.

Just like with Natalie's birthday, I opted to create Tim's birthday invitations again this year and I love love love how they came out!

Michelle and I made the command decision to go with a superheroes theme and I had so much fun putting together his party. Pinterest and Amazon made party planning and decorating a total breeze! 

Michelle picked up matching superman/supergirl capes for Tim and Nat and it was something that I absolutely loved :)  The two made quite the duo! 

As favors, Michelle got super hero capes, masks and themed totes which came in handy because Michelle had set up stations around the rec center with different games for the kids to play. There was face painting, a bean bag can toss, a spider web bean bag game and a bucket toss game. Each station had candy as a prize and the kiddos could put the candy right into their tote bags. They were also able to put their loot from the pinata in their tote bags!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a ton of pictures because I was manning one of the stations. However, I think it's safe to say that all of the kiddos had so much fun (I know that Natalie did!) and Michelle was really happy with how everything turned out :)