Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nat says...

God bless this little girl and the things that come out of her mouth!

Nat's current signature phrases:
"I'm just so tired." - every time she is getting in trouble.
"I'll never let you down. I never lose you again." - every time she is on the potty...
"You're making me mad." - every time she is told no more candy.
"Hold on, I need something from my snack drawer." - every five minutes
"We have to find out!"

Nat: *running into the kitchen* Daddy, are you sick?"
B: No, why?
Nat: I want to make you soup.
B: You know you can eat soup no matter how you feel, right?
Nat: Oooooh. You're sick. I'll make you soup. *Turns and runs back to the playroom*

In the car with B on the way to daycare:
"Don't sing, Daddy. You're bad at singing."

I hear hiccups in my mouth.

Me: Natalie, you need to listen! 
Natalie: In a minute.
Me: Natalie! What did I just say to you?
Natalie: Umm, in a minute.
Me: Natalie! I told you that you need to listen.
Natalie: Oooooh, right right right.

I'll only go to Ms. Cheryl's AFTER a donut.

First thing she said when she woke up:
It's my birthday. I have to set up the tables and chairs and my birthday cake.

Me: Daddy is taking such good care of Mommy.
Natalie: Why?
Me: Because Mommy's back really hurts after her accident.
Natalie: HUH?! Mommy peed on the floor at Mr. Jon's?!?

Tim: Some women have babies
Nat: No they don't.
Nat: Tim, hold my hand.
Tim: I'll only hold your hand if you say some women have babies.
Nat: Fine. Now hold my hand.

Tim: Nat, you wanna go on a hayride with me.
Nat: No. I'm scared of hayrides.

While B and I were talking to the salesman at the car dealership:
"We need to find a compromise!"

While on facetime and she is crying hysterically:
Me: I am so proud of you, baby.
Nat: (sniffles) I am NOT a baby. I am a big girl, remember?

10/2/16: If you follow along on instagram, you've seen this gem :)
B: Keep going, sing your song.
Natalie: Don't make mistakes! Don't makes mistakes! Don't make mistakes! Don't make a beautiful song for me.

Here's the plan, ok? Ok, Daddy makes soup. And Mommy changes her clothes. And I decorate!

After learning that Gemma pooped on the rug in the playroom:
"I think we need a new Gemma!"

While walking down the hall with the lights off:
"It's so spooky in here!"

Baby Bryce is going to be my best buddy pal.

Nat: My mother gave me a hard time.
B: About what?
Nat: About giving you a hard time.

B: Nat, we talked about this. You have to go to Ms. Cheryl's if you want Tim to come over.
Nat: No, I'm ok. Tim doesn't have to come. 

All the time:
Me: who is your best friend?
Natalie: MR. JON! 

While singing Patty Cake:
Patty Cake, Patty Cake, bakers man. Make me a cake as fast as you can. Roooooll tiiiiiiide.

Lately, on top of being particularly adorable, she is singing everything. I love it.