Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

I was unsure how Halloween would play out, given that it fell on a Monday this year, but I have to say, this might have been my favorite one yet. I took a couple hours off of work since Michelle, Mr. Jon and Tim were coming over and I wanted to get things together. I grabbed Nat from Ms. Cheryl's house and we head home to start prepping.

I made our go-to Halloween dinner: mac-o-lantern stuffed peppers and they turned out super cute again this year :) Tim was especially impressed, even if he didn't opt to have a pepper. I made a casserole of the stuffing since I knew Nat wasn't going to eat a pepper which ended up being a really good idea (especially since B has to work late tonight). 

leftover birthday wine + dinner prep

We got the kids into their costumes and took the 853 obligatory pictures (none of which came out well, at all) before hitting the streets.  Michelle and I made sure we had our tumblers of wine for the road while Mr. Jon and B manned the fort to hand out candy [read: drink beer and bromance]. 

By time we got back, B was handing out leftover Easter chocolate since he had been a bit too generous early in the evening. [Insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here.] Michelle and I took over handing out what was left of the candy (to include our least favorite of the kids loot) while B and Mr. Jon took the kids down another street. We finally managed to get the kids inside by bribing them with pumpkin cookies, but not before attempting to get a cute picture of the girls on the tailgate of the truck... maybe we'll have better luck next year!

All in all, I think we had a successful Halloweenie of the cousins trick or treating together :)