Monday, October 31, 2016


Last night as we were laying in bed with Nat between us (because old/bad habits die hard), B looked at me and said "I wish we could keep this weekend going". I had to agree. It was one of those really simple, really wonderful weekends. Two of them in a row. How lucky am I?!

Saturday morning, Natalie and I ran some errands and we picked up paint swatches for her big girl room :) Almost two years in the house and we're finally getting around to putting some color on the walls. Mr. Jon made the mistake of telling us he loved taping and painting and we plan to take full advantage of that!

Saturday afternoon we head over to Natalie's Godfather's house for lunch and to meet the new baby.  Greg and Terra welcome Bryce Ellington into the world on October 14th and I am totally smitten and my ovaries are totally killing me! Natalie, on the other hand, really wasn't sure what to make of baby Bryce.

After our visit, we went home and played outside and soaked in the beautiful afternoon.

Sunday, we woke up and Nat claimed she didn't feel well so B kept her home and I ran some errands, sans child, plus coffee, all by myself. It was glorious. B washed the cars while Nat played outside and I cleaned the house before joining them outside. B had mentioned wanting to hook the little trailer up to the old tractor so the kids could have tractor rides on Halloween. Of course I suggested we test it out early and it was hilariously fun. We couldn't help but laugh the entire time.

It was seriously a weekend for the books. And you know what the say, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.