Monday, October 17, 2016

family pictures | September 2016

As I mentioned in my beach weekend (photo dump) post, our friend and family photog, Monique, came with us to the beach. I was beyond excited when I found out she was coming. Natalie is obsessed with Monique's daughter Aysia and I knew Nat would be excited to have a playmate. Bonus to Monique coming: I have been really wanting some new family pictures before the weather gets colder. We had planned to take pictures at the beach but it would have been easier to herd cats than get Natalie to sit still at the beach so we opted to use the beach house as our backdrop. As always, Natalie was less than cooperative and, as always, Monique was still able to snap some incredible pictures.

I mean... come on :)

Monique even lugged her camera to the beach and snapped some great candid shots that I will forever treasure. She really captured Nat's spirit in these pictures :)

I cannot recommend M&M Photography enough. Seriously.  We spent about 25 to 30 minutes outside trying to get Natalie to take pictures and we are so thrilled with the final product. I don't know how she does it, but Monique always works miracles with our girl :) ...and somehow she gets B to cooperate too!