Thursday, October 13, 2016

Birthday Gifts + Pley

With Natalie's birthday just a month away, B and I have been debating what we want to get for her. Obviously, her new play set is her big gift from the family but we want her to have something to open the day of her birthday.  I wanted her third birthday gift to be fun but also educational. I had heard really great things about LeapFrog but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend money on something that she might not really love and use. And while LeapFrog toys are not expensive, spending $30 on something she won't play with, that will sit and collect dust with the other toys she isn't interested in, is a total bummer. Enter Pley

Pley is a toy rental company and we were really excited to learn more about them and try them out. From their website:
With Pley, kids play with the best toys, while parents save money, reduce clutter and help the environment. It teaches children to share and conserve the planet by reducing the amount of toys that ends up in landfills. 
There are two subscription options. The first is the Novice plan for $12.99/month + shipping. Shipping on the first toy is free and subsequent shipping is a flat $5.95. This subscription offers 1 credit/month.  The other subscription option is the Wizard, which is the more popular option. It costs $29.99/month + shipping.  The Wizard offers 3 credits/month and includes premium toys. Credits are the equivalent to toys. One credit equals one toy. However, some toys depending on availability and size require more than one credit. You have the option to purchase more credits or you can use saved credits. Each month you do not rent a toy, the credit is banked. 

After creating my account, I was able to browse the toys that could potentially be rented. I was excited to see several LeapFrog options. However, when it came down to the toys we could actually pick from, I was a little bit disappointed in the selection. Very few of them seemed to be the right option for Natalie.  Regardless of the limited options, I was able to rent a toy that we really wanted to try: the Leapfrog Alphapet Explorer.  

I placed the order and we received the toy within about 4 days! I was a little bit disappointed with the condition in which it arrived. The box was obviously recycled and looks like it barely made the trip. Natalie seemed fairly unimpressed with the LeapFrog toy. She didn't play with it at any point for more than 10 minutes at a time, if that. So we definitely learned what we set out to and this was a productive use of a free trial; however, I don't think this is a service we would use. I will say, the return process was a breeze. A shipping label was provided and I could easily pack up the toy and send it back to Pley

So while I don't think this is something for us, it was definitely a really great opportunity and I know a couple families who would absolutely benefit from something like this.  Natalie doesn't get new toys often so a monthly fee for something we won't use was hard to justify, especially since the available toys aren't really things that she would be interested in. I definitely see this being a great service for families who have little ones who love to play with Legos and Minecraft. It would allow them to constantly change out which set they have and keep the creative juices flowing. 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Pley. I received a free rental in exchange for my honest review of the company. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. #PleyToys