Wednesday, October 26, 2016

30 for 30

I always thought this moment would feel so much bigger. 30. As a college student, 30 seemed so. dang. old. Not that long ago, I remember counting down until my sister's 30th birthday and making jokes about how ancient she would be. It's not nearly as traumatic as I had been anticipating. So in celebration of this 30th year, here are 30 random things about me.

1. Growing up, I never really liked my middle name. Billy Ray Cyrus and his achy breaky heart made Tori Rae an easy target. Children are so cruel. It wasn't until the last few years that I have come to appreciate it, not love it, appreciate it.

2. The eye roll emoji is easily my most used emoji followed closely by the monkey covering it's eyes and the heart eyes.

3. I shamelessly love Throwback Thursday. I think part of the reason is that it is an innocent way to embarrass my older sister. The more ridiculous the picture of the two of us is, the better. I guess sometimes we don't really completely grow up :)

Michelle and Me - Halloween 1988 (maybe '89)

4. Starbucks Dirty Chai (no foam, no water, 1 shot of espresso, 6 pumps of Chai) is my drink of choice year round. It is perfect. (Unless Natalie was up in the middle of the night, much like last night, in which case there will be 2 shots, 8 pumps... just saying.)

5. I am an incredibly shy people person. I once stumbled upon this article about the struggles of having an outgoing personality but actually being shy and it resonated with me in such a serious way.

6. I am terrified of spiders. It does not matter the size. Tiny or huge, they are all horrible and deadly.  Sometimes I am scared to shower if B isn't home because what if there is a spider in the shower. Thank God for dry shampoo.

7. I love Hocus Pocus and will watch it any and every time it is on tv.


8. I only drink red wine. I don't drink white wine, ever. Two sips in, I have a headache. My favorite wine is Apothic Dark and I have been dying to try the Apothic Inferno.

9.  I eat the toppings off my pizza before I eat the slice. The only exception to the rule is plain cheese pizza. I can eat that the old fashion way. 

10. I love Alabama football. Natalie and I have matching Alabama shirts for the Iron Bowl this year and we're having an inaugural Iron Bowl watch party this year. #RollTide #RTR 

11. I worked for a fertility center for over 5 years. I left last August to work at a local hospital. I lasted 3.5 months before I contacted the physician I worked for to see what openings the fertility center had and I quit after only being at the hospital for 6 months. There is something about this place where I work that feels like home and I really love the work that I do. 

11a. I have way more fun with my coworkers on my team than one should probably have at work. I actually look forward to going to work and laughing with my team all day. They are a huge part of why I came back to SGF.

12. I love huge balloons and insisted on 40 inch 3-0 balloons for B and my joint 30th birthday bash. I also purchased some big balloons for Nat's birthday party. They are just so dang festive! I dare you to hold a 40" balloon and not smile.

13. I feel like for 30, I have an alarming amount of gray hair.

14. I am terrified about how having another baby will affect my body and have seen a therapist about it. I have struggled with body image issues since high school and it's hard to be 30 and still not comfortable in my own skin. 

15. I love How to Get Away with Murder. I am totally hooked. I DVR it because I cannot stay up that late but I end up binge watching it and staying up too late anyways. Last night I watched the first 3 episodes of season 3 (holy crap) and was so close to staying up to watch the other 2 episodes. 

16. My favorite drink when I have to be DD (or during pregnancy) is a Shirley Temple with extra cherries. It is a most legit substitute to a real drink.

17. Ben Higgins season of the Bachelor was the first I ever watched. I am now completely hooked on the show and love it. It's is absolutely my favorite guilty pleasure. 

18. If I ever hit the mega millions, I would quit my job and be a SAHM and have four babies. I would absolutely love to have four children if finances allowed it.

19. love pumpkin but I do not love the pumpkin spice latte. I love pumpkin bread. I love pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin spice hot cocoa. The PSL does nothing for me.

20. I proudly know every word to Country Grammar by Nelly.

21. I was devastated when I found out I was having a girl. I cried. A lot. Now I really cannot imagine being anything but a #girlmom. Seriously. Give me all the pink and tutus and frilly girly things. 

22. I really enjoy rearranging furniture. It is something that I have always enjoyed and would do it more if it didn't drive B so crazy :)

23. I wait to enter my phone number/club card number until the cashier is done ringing up my groceries so that I can watch all of the coupon savings come off at one time. I find that so gratifying. 

24. I took Spanish for 13.5 years. I can speak absolutely no Spanish. As you can imagine, my parents are super proud.

25. I believe fountain soda is the best way to consume soda. 

26. I am a true Maryland girl and love to pick crabs and drink beer in the summer. I learned to pick crabs when I little and it has been so much fun to teach Natalie to pick crabs too.

27. I believe everything looks better with a monogram on it and, even though I kept my maiden name, I use what would be my married monogram just as often :)

28. I have three tattoos: a shamrock, a breast cancer ribbon for my maternal Grandmother and a Celtic heart knot. They are (mostly) discretely placed.

29. My dream dog is a French Bulldog named Chauncey, after Chauncey Billups. I have always loved him (and feel he looks a little bit like a French Bulldog, sorry Chaunce). His Letter to My Younger Self from the Player's Tribune is one of my favorite sports related things I have ever read.

30. I am an obsessive planner and I love hosting events. I have a pinterest board for every birthday and holiday. I love when my home is full of people I adore and the sound of laughter. There are few things better!

And that's that.
Cheers to 30 years, y'all :)